Miley's all about Quiz

Do you think you know miley cyrus? Take this quiz and find out! It only takes a minute, and who might even get an a! Are you truly miley cyrus's number 1 fan?!

Take this quiz,and see if you are really miley cyrus's 1 fan! Just please, take the quiz before I get old. If you're still reading this now, STOP!!! Just take the quiz will you?

Created by: Sally

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  1. What instrument does miley play?
  2. What is Miley's odd habit?
  3. Who is miley dating?
  4. What are Miley's siblings named?(not counting her step siblings)
  5. Who is Miley Cyrus's dad?
  6. What is one of her pets name?
  7. Who is Miley's rolemodel?
  8. What show is Miley on?
  9. Miley's favorite sandwich is?
  10. Last question..What is your favorite miley cyrus site?

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