Midnight Love (Part 9)

Hello Gotoquiz users it's me Beautiful Games here just fyi I made this quiz on my psp and it has a limite for my writing and I tried my best to fill it up all the way for you die-hard fans.

(Read me^) So guys this the contination of Midnight Love (Part 9) and I hope you enjoy and so sorry again about how short this one was did it on psp this is the second shortest quiz I have ever created.

Created by: Beautiful Games

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  1. "I think I am still a bit tired Chris so I am going back to sleep good night." I said then put my head on his shoulder. "Okay good night." Chris said and kissed me with his cold lips and put his head on top of mine, the moment was very perfect in every way and I feel asleep very fast. *Dream Mode* February 21, 1862 it was night time. Boston was cold at this time of the year and it was snowing hard. "Than come here." Mother said. "Coming Mother." I said then ran to her chamber. "We need to talk now!"Mother said. "What is it Mother is something wrong? I said.
  2. "I need to tell you something about your ancestry's the Grimm Brother." she said. "Yes what about them Mother?" I said and notice that here ocean blue eyes looked worried and her wavy black hair was a bit messy. "Than they well,... you see can see things like no other human can creatures in there natural state and you see it gets pasted down from generation to generation and this is a curse with trouble that follows you everywhere." Mother said. "Okay thats something what else Mother?" I asked. "Like what kind of trouble?" I asked.
  3. "There is a women who wants to kill ever Grimm because of there powers and you have to go hide in the forest Than run as fast as you please after I do this." Mother grapped a knife out of her back cut her wrist then bit my neck hard and spread her blood on the bite. "Mother?" I shouted in pain from the bite. "Than there's no time to explain you are now a vampire and have 5 powers Speed, Strength, Teleportation, Mind-Control and Mind-Reader you to go run away from Boston GO!." Mother said. I started crying and ran out the house as fast as my legs would let me go.
  4. As I was running my speed starting gainning so much energy everything looked like a blur then, I heard a gun shot what sounded like it was coming from my house and ran back. I climbed a tree and was at lease a mile away from my house to see a black women with purple hair smirking as she was looking at my house and climbed back into carriage felling away. I felt a drop fall on my hand and it was blood from my face. Being a vampire is odd and since you can cry blood apparently is even worse. Life is going to be hard as a vampire I can tell already. *Flashback Ends*
  5. *Dream Mode Ends* I opened my eyes were watery from something but what exactly? I was staring at a grey ceiling in very soft bed alone and got of the bed to see my surrounding. The walls were black and there was a glass desk with a laptop on top and a huge wooden shelf that had reading material with a bat lap and a seat right next to the case and 2 more doors. One was a bathroom colored sky blue and the other door led to a red hallway that had pictures of all the elements hunged up for decorations. :)
  6. I started walking down to see tons of black doors on each side of me until a door opened and Ethan had just showered since he only had a towel on and had water all over him. "Oh Than." Ethan said surprised. "Hey where are we and nice outfit Ethan very "in". I said. "Where in Boston at the mansion Chris & I own togther and thanks Than." Ethan said sarcasticly. "Oh right where is Chris I need to talk to him?" I asked Ethan. "Oh your boyfriend I think he is in his room doing how nows what?" Ethan said. "Chris is not my boyfriend Ethan in fact I don't know what we are sorry if I am boring you." I said. "I think he is he doesn't know what you are either I think you should have a talk about whatever kind of relationship the two of you love birds have bye Than." Ethan said then went to the door across from us. "Oh and 3 doors down Than from here now bye." Ethan said and went threw the door. "I like the band and very funny Ethan." I thought in my head. I was still alone in the hall and before I moved I changed into a vampire and headed for Chris's Door. I knocked 3 times saying Penny with each knock. "Come in." Chris yelled from his room.
  7. I opened the door to see that it was pitch black and I could see a figure in the corner on the floor it was Chris as a vampire just sitting there. "Hi Than your finally up come sit with me. Your eyes are so beautiful Than in the light." Chris said while patting the ground right next to him. "Okay." I was standing right next to him in a second and just sat right next to Chris in the dark it was very nice and peaceful like death I loved it. "So Chris why are you sitting here all alone in the dark I am understanding some of it but, I want to hear it from you though!" I asked. "Well I wanted to clear my thought and was just thinking about our relationship because I am a bit lost with it Than." He sounded a bit worried with the last part. "Here is my answer" I said and then kissed his lips for a few seconds and looked at my feet. "Well that makes things more confusing for me." Chris said. "Me too I was thinking about it as well." I said sounding confused so he could tell.
  8. "Well it's good to know at lease I am not alone on this." Chris said while showing his fangs when he halfed smile. "Yeah so what do you think we should?" I asked. "I have no clue at all." Chris said. "But that I know I love you" Chris said in his head. I kept a calm look on my face & was still looking at my feet. "Chris?" I said. "Yes Than?" Chris said. "I'm in love with you." I said just then I woke up gasping for from my dream it was very odd. Is that how I really feel about Chris? Chris?
  9. CLIFFHANGER?!?!?!?!?!?
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