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  • I love giving middle school advice! Okay, so you might want a map of the school. Mark all of your classes and the routes to the classes.

    When you get called on in class, it's okay if you say something dumb or if you don't know the answer. I don't know if you have this problem, but I turn bright red when I'm called on. To fix that problem, I drink a glass of ice cold water in the morning and at lunch. It helps! If you have a question, ask it, even if it sounds dumb.

    Tips on bullying: First of all, people that bully others are insecure. Remember that. If you get bullied, try to ignore them. Sometimes that doesn't work, so go get a teachers or principals help. Or you could just ask them to stop, though they think that's funny so they continue doing it.

    Learn to speed walk to classes.

    Don't procrastinate; do your homework right after school or on the bus.

    If you have a problem making friends, I'll give you some advice: Smile lots. People are more likely to make friends with happy people. Since you are shy, this might sound a little imitating or not, I don't know, but if you see someone alone that you might like to become friends with, go talk to them. You can also just talk to the people that you sit next to.

    Don't worry about fitting in. Be yourself. Good luck!

  • Well what you do is every morning when you wake up you go tO the bathroom so u don't have to do it in between classes and you bring a water bottle for a drink and in your locker put your binders in order at the bottom of your locker or on a stand or something so when your done with first hour you slide that binder while your slipping the other binder out and you always bring a book and pencil case to every hour with you and in that case you want things to write with erasers, Grippers or something And a calculator. So that you won't be late to any classes and if you have extra time after you get in your classroom like 4 min or something fill up your water bottle OR go to the bathroom don't do both whatever you didn't get to do you go and do it at lunch time. And if your bullied just walk away and if they grab u kick em in there balls! I'm in 7th grade I know what to do just follow everything I put. got it? ok

    Blue Moon
  • Hi! I am going into high school so I've been in your place! The first few days will seem very confusing when it comes to switching classes, but soon it'll be like nothing i promise! remember a lot of other people in your grade r worrying about this too. And about the bullying thing, everyone faces it at somepoint you just have to stand up for yourself and love who you are. try to get involved in as many clubs/sports/whatev er you can to make friends and just have more fun! And if things get bad talking to a guidance councilor is great. i did that...(a lot lol) anyways have fun and good luck!

    P.S you might like my quiz-What Kind of High School Girl Are You? by kim1499 :)

  • Uh, this is a big promblem indeed. But when you move up, into middle school. It is a challenge. All you have to do is when you actually get there, you'll get used to it, after a little while anyway. If you do get bullied, and if they do threat. Don't take in that threat. Tell your parent(s) or main teacher about it. Although try stand up for yourself a little. And, ask for help when you need it.

    I wish you the very best.
    ~ Bronze_Eyes

  • just be yourself, trust me, you'll make friends. I am currently in 7th grade, and I went to 6th grade last year (duh!) Just calm down, take a few deep breaths, then you'll be good.


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