Middle School Tips Please!

ok so in a week i am starting middle school and i am going to be the first one in my family to go there there for NO tips from them. i am wondering how to get to classes on time, how to avoid bulling so on..

i have heard middle school is hard but i have also heard that for some people it is a breeze. i am also switching buses there for i know NO one there i need tips!

Created by: shywolf35

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  1. ok so in a week i am starting middle school and i an worried because i will be the first one in my family to go to this school!
  2. i know that we switch classes a lot and i am worried i will be late for class!
  3. ok let my tell you about myself: i am COMPLETELY shy.... and am a little obese, i am a little nerd and i kinda look ugly, and i LOVE country music do you think i will be bullied?
  4. if so tell my in the comments how to avoid being bullied
  5. thats really all. all i need to know is how to not be late for class, what to do i9n middle school, if how to avoid being bullied. so i a going to type random stuff until 12.
  6. oh and also i am switching buses. this isn't a really big problem it is just i will be riding with no one i kn ow and as i said before i am very shy...
  7. random text time!
  8. i like blueberry pancakes
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