Will you Survive Middle School? (for girls only)

Welcome to middle school! Are you wondering if you are ready or need some tips? The school in this test will be a good place to start. Or not. It depends how you handle.

This part of the paragraph comes from the school's handbook: "No lockers, only gym lockers. No bullying, only friends. No angriness, only happiness." Get ready for the test!

Created by: Middle School Girl

  1. It's last day of summer. You got your supplies for school ready. Are you excited for middle school?
  2. Let's say you have a younger sister. Her school starts at eight. Your school will start at nine. How do you feel?
  3. It's school time! Your homeclass is Mrs. Kulata. She's fine. She gave out docements for your parents to sign. Then, she talks about this school.
  4. Next period: science. Your science teacher is amazing. He's handsome.
  5. You really needed to go the bathroom. You were excaused. You walked to the bathroom and saw a crying girl.
  6. You make friends with her (if you picked the last answer). She was crying because someone sent her a very mean message on her phone.
  7. (for people who picked 5C question) You sit with her a lunch. She's was popular the whole time.
  8. Next day: you have gym. How do you feel changing in front of others?
  9. No emenies!
  10. Did you like middle school?
  11. What about this test?

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Quiz topic: Will I Survive Middle School? (for girls only)