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This country claims land in that country, that country claims all of this country.... Where are you located between all of this Irredentist and pan nationalist claims in west asia? do this Quiz to find out.

Are you a supporter of Israel in any case, or you support pan Arabic Ideals? Would you rather Iranian nationalism or pan turkism? Or you just want to laugh at all of this conflicts.....

Created by: Maybecyrusthegreat
  1. Which side do you support in karabakh war?
  2. Wich side do you support in Israel_Palestine conflict?
  3. If you could have an Independent kurdish state, which territories would you like it to rule?
  4. Who should be owner of mountainous karabakh in your opinion?
  5. Who should own khuzistan/al ahwaz in your opinion?
  6. Who should own nakhchivan in your opinion?
  7. how big should Israel be in your opinion?
  8. How big should turkey be in your opinion?
  9. How big Iran should be in your opinion?
  10. In your opinion, Iranian/south Azerbaijan should be...
  11. Do you think arab countries should unite into one nation?
  12. Wich are your Ideal borders of Armenia?
  13. Wich nation is poet nizami ganjevi from?
  14. Which nation is Avicenna from?
  15. People of syria are....
  16. Kirkuk belongs to...

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