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There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. what one are you are you and exception can you prove them all wrong with your brain power! i think you will

impressed impressed you did so so well, i am so lucky to work with the talents that you display. if only i had your brain i could go so much further in life

Created by: aisling

  1. which one of these is a Hickman line not used for
  2. which one of these is the main side effect of Gentamicin
  3. what is a TOE
  4. what is a TOE used for
  5. ATCML relates to what condition
  6. Neutropenia normally occurs in what type of patients
  7. Hemolysis is not caused by
  8. ERCP procudeure examines
  9. Angitil is a medication that effects
  10. Venlafaxine is used for

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