Maybe I can guess your age!

I might be able to guess your age, or maybe you don't act your age at all. not a lot of people act their age. I will try to guess yours based on questions.

can I guess your age? do you act your age? you can find out simply by answering 12 simple questions *que applause* AND THE AUDIENCE LOVES IT! WOW COOL

Created by: EpicFangirl

  1. I promise that the age question has no effect.
  2. What do you like to do in your free time?
  3. Are you married?
  4. what do you watch on tv?
  5. how many friends do you have?
  6. what do you say most on the internet?
  7. lllllooooolllll
  8. Do you know what minecraft is
  9. Do you like this quiz?
  10. will you share it?

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Quiz topic: Maybe I can guess my age!