Mystery Quiz, wait and see

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Okay, there are many surprises in life, but this one will be cool. You may be able to guess the subject, but can you guess the quiz? What about your results. That's you're challenge by the one and only Cheshire Cat.

Will you guess it? Will you even guess the subject? If you took my other mystery quiz and guessed it, you're pretty good. I know I made it hard. Oh, maybe I made my pen name Gemma Drew! Oh, wait, let's not get distracted, just take the quiz, please

Created by: Cheshire Cat
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  1. Do you like the outdoors?
  2. Are you ok with bugs?
  3. Do you like blobbing?
  4. Do you like zip lining or fishing?
  5. Are you ok with wild animals?
  6. Do you like sharing with people?
  7. Would you wake up early?
  8. Do you like swimming
  9. Are you ok in a lake? With parasites? And possibly a baby croc?
  10. Do you like canoeing?

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