How funny do your friends think you are?

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Do you want to know how people think of you humor wise? Then you should take this quiz! Someone who can make a crowd laugh is charming and probably very charismatic!

Until you know, you can only wonder! But if you take this quiz, you'll know. You can find out in less than 5min! I know, this sounds like a commercial. I suck at these. Oh well. Anyways, some results are based on constructive criticism or complementary. Guess you'll have to find out!

Created by: Leopard101

  1. You were dared at a sleep over to run up to a stranger with a dramatic expression on your face and yell something at them, what would you say out of these?
  2. You're starting a new YouTube channel and it's categorized by entertainment and comedy. What would you do as your first video?
  3. You're at an amusement park with your friends and you've never been on a roller coster before and they're trying to encourage you to get on a huge one. You respond by saying...
  4. If you had gotten busted by the police(hopefully not really), what was it you did?
  5. You're a court judge for the day and you have to close a case with some person who shoplifted. What is your verdict?
  6. You were goofing of In class and the teacher tells you to sit down now. What to you say?
  7. Your friend tells you a crazy secret. How do you respond?
  8. Your friend asks how you like her new outfit but it's really bad. Like, beyond words. (Not in the good way)
  9. You're toilets plugged and your boss has come over to ask questions and maybe give you a promotion and stuff then he has to use the bathroom. What do you say?
  10. You got grounded for a month. Why?
  11. When you bump into someone you know at the grocery store and they ask, so whatcha doin' here? What are your thoughts?
  12. Do you try to be funny and have to think of jokes the night before and remember them or just say what comes to mind spontaneously?
  13. If you could meet your favorite celebrity, and could ask only one question, what would it be?
  14. You are drifting off, what was it about?
  15. You are drifting off, what was it about?
  16. You are drifting off, what was it about?

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Quiz topic: How funny do my friends think you are?