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  • Writing as I go along... Not sure if this is annoying. Probably is! :P

    That was hilarious with the dream! I actually thought that it was real. For a second, I was like "Wait a minute, what's with the sharks?" and then it turns out that it was only a dream. I should have thought of that right away...

    I love how the main character is brutally honest with her opinions. I would never be able to do that as I am not the type to be upfront with things. It's cool though that the Professor didn't punish her or anything. Funny how people were easily fooled by her dramatic exit. If she had knocked into something, snickered, or made a sound, she would have been so caught!

    Cedric scene! Wonder what will happen in the alone time with him? Oh, that is so true about how guys act different around their friends. But the thing is I'm like that too. Hope that's not weird because I'm a girl and clearly not a guy... Anyway, arghh, the moment with Cedric ruined by the owl. Why come at a bad time! Is the letter for her? Yep, I'm right but oh no! What happened to the main character?! Who wrote it!!!!???

    Awwww, that is sweet how Harry cares about her. But seriously, what is the letter about? Wasn't it from a classmate that saw the main character waking up from her sharks dream? At first, I thought that the sharks thing was insignificant and just a random nightmare but I guess I was wrong. What is with the sharks and the letter?

    Poor Oliver, he is a sweet guy for caring but I understand why the character did that. It's nice that Neville didn't talk about it but her class instead. :)

    McLaggen is such a rude guy. >:( With all the criticism he makes, he deserved having the present on his head! Fred and George are so humorous and this scene made me laugh out loud. Good job! ;)

    Finished reading! I can't believe it ended there but I really hope you can get the next part out very soon! The title of the next sneak peek sounds interesting. I'll be l

  • FREEZE! x) nice seeing you on here! First Bluebird, then you, I'm happy ^^ sorry, I'll be doing the commenting as I read thing too because it's just habit :P

    LOL I was wondering about the sharks too, and McGonagall doing something like taking a day off as a cat :o how strange, of course it's a dream x) that makes more sense. Oh whoa... talking straight to McGonagall, very gutsy, and what strange special powers? And some strange person looking into my mind o.e What kind of secrets do I have... I feel bad about snapping at Oliver, but LOL Neville's adorable x) Yuss! In class with the Twins ;) this shall be interesting. Hot damn, I'm good xD Owned, McLaggen >:) That was a really enjoyable class... I loved reading this, and look forward to reading more of your writing! ^^ Can't wait

  • Oh my gosh, finally an older writer is back!!! :) It seems that most writers from the past two years left GTQ so I'm glad that this is posted. I really, really love your story quizzes because they're well-written and/or hilarious. I don't think I have commented on any of yours before but I have read them and loved them. Glad that you are still writing and now I will read this part and comment afterwards.

  • I love this quiz! I can't believe I'll actually be McGonagall's assistant! Can't wait for the next part! (and the look on McLaggen's face when he sees me as assistant)

  • I haven't read this series since the first one came out, BUT OH MY FREAKING GOD I LOVE IT!!!!! Please update as soon as you can and let me know when you do!!! GAH I LOVE THIS. Bluebird was right about this, you know.


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