Maybe Hogwarts Isn't So Easy After All... Part 2

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Hey guys sorry I haven't gotten this out in a while! I can't wait to see what you think so don't forget to hit submit and Comment & Rate 10! Thanks so much guys! Love y'all!

This goes from year 3 to 8 because of course year 1 and 2 is too young to date! We're gonna take some twists, turns and unexpected dives, so strap on your seat belt and get ready for one heck of a ride.

Created by: Freeze
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  1. *Recap* You just moved to Hogwarts from a magical school in California names Matrian because of your Uncle Severus. You mistake people's names for a lot of weird things, you meet everyone and see your old friend Hermione again. You argued with the sorting hat and you got sorted into Slytherin with your brother Caden. You stood up to Draco and then high fived Fred and George. Got it?
  2. I slid down the stair railing in my new robes and popped some chewing gum. I took it out of my mouth in the corridor and stuck it on a guy named Flint's back. He was a real jerk. I waved to Oliver shyly as he walked past. He turned to his friends and held up his index finger to them. He turned on his heel and caught up to me. He was walking beside me and started talking. "Hey _____!" He greeted me. "Hey Oliver," I said while blushing ever so slightly. "You settling in ok?" He asked after a moment’s hesitation. "Yea good..." I said while scratching the back of my neck. Then Cedric came along and snagged Oliver by the arm, "Got to talk to you, now! No time to lose Wood!" He was dragging Oliver away when he looked straight at me. He smiled a dazzling smile and waved at me. "Hey ______!" He resumed dragging Oliver off. "Hufflepuffs," I muttered while shaking my head just as Charlotte and Whitney came up to me. "What's up?" Charlotte asked. "The roof obviously, what a dumb question!" Whitney pointed out playfully. "You know what I mean!" She said while swatting Whitney on the arm. Whitney and Charlotte looped their arms with mine and we strolled to potions class, the one my uncle was teaching. As soon as we walked in my uncle paired off Charlotte and Whitney to work at a desk together and they both cast apologetic looks my way. I looked around the classroom and saw the only spare seat was next to my uncle's favourite. Drapes... I saw the corner of my uncle’s mouth tugging up, a rare sight, he knew he had cornered me. I just chose to ignore the favourite. I sat down and plopped my books onto my desk with a loud bang. My uncle looked pointedly at me and I stuck my tongue out at him. Really mature ______. I don't think anyone else saw, they were too busy staring at the spectacle coming in. They were late; nobody is late to my uncle's class. I turned to look like everyone else and saw Harry and Ron. "Clearly, fame isn't everything, is it, Mr. Potter?" My uncle pointed out to him as he sat down. Harry mumbled something like, 'You already told me that in first year...' But my uncle heard, "Did you say something Mr. Potter?" "No sir..." Harry mumbled. "Speak up," My uncle taunted while holding his hand to his ear. "No sir." Harry said but louder this time. "You and Weasley will have detention after classes." My uncle concluded.
  3. I yawned in the middle of the silence that loomed over the classroom. "Quiet ______!" "I'm sorry uncle were you talking?" "It's Professor Snape in this class _____!" "Sure, sure Uncle Sev," I replied with another yawn. A few of my classmates were unlucky enough to laugh while he was glaring at me and he turned his cold gaze to them. "Today." He started while continuing with the lesson, "We will be working in partners to produce a Calming Draught. You'll find it in your book." Then he walked over to me and Draco. "I'm expecting you two to work on something harder." "I'm sorry is there another person here?" I interrupted. "Yeah me!" Drapes whispered. "Be quiet!" My uncle shouted at the class who were starting to make more noise than us. "You're going to make a Herbicide Potion." "I made one of those last year!" I whined. "Then it should be easy." My uncle concluded and walked away. I turned to Drapes. "Now Drapes or whatever your name is you're going to listen to me. I'll go get the equipment while you go get the ingredients." He got up when I changed my mind. "Never mind you'd mess it up. Go get the equipment and I'll go get the ingredients." I proclaimed. "Pushy much..." he grumbled while walking away but I just ignored him. I waved to Hermione, Ron, Harry and Neville and they waved back while they were silently laughing at Drapes. Then I went to go get the ingredients.
  4. I dumped the Flobberworm Mucus, Horklump juice, Lionfish Spines and some Standard ingredient on the table while Drapes came back with the equipment. "Took you long enough." I told him, a bit snarky. "Now just sit back and watch the master." I told him while stretching out my hands. His friend leaned over the his table and whispered something to Drapes that sounded like, "Dude you are so whipped." But I wasn't even listening. My uncle’s plan for us to get along wasn't working as well as he was hoping and I could see he was frowning. I got Drapes to add 4 lionfish spines to the mortar and crush into a fine powder and then add 2 measurements of standard ingredient. I didn't even need a recipe. I knew it off by heart like most of the potions I do. My uncle had made me study them when I went over to his house for the summer. He said I needed to 'catch up' because Matrian wasn't as advanced as Hogwarts. Complete hogwash if you ask me. I added 3 measurements of the powder mixture after Drapes crushed it up. I waved my wand and I sat down while it brewed. I had to sit there for a whole hour and talk to Draco. We had a double potions so it went for twice as long as other lessons. I cast a sort of veil over us so that we were the only ones that could hear each other, no one would be able to lip read us either. "So Drapes, we've got an hour, you can talk to me now." "Yes your majesty." He said with a bow. "Just because people can't hear or see what we're saying it doesn't mean they can't see us dummy." I told him when I saw people looking. He took in what I said but started talking again, "So you're Snape's niece." "I guess you could call me that." "Well it's nice to meet you _____. I'm Draco." "Maybe not so nice to meet you Draco." "What do you mean?" "I haven't decided if you’re worth my time yet. Just because my uncle is a fan of yours doesn't mean I am." "Can I tell you a secret?" He asked me.
  5. "What?" I asked him. "I'm so tired of listening to people like Professor Snape and my father. They all expect me to carry on the family name and be something I'm not. You know I’ve never told someone this before but I think you get it. You're parents and your whole family expects something of you that you don't want to give. You're just bolder about it. You might be one of the only people that I think can understand." "That doesn't mean we are going to be friends. I'm not one of those people that fall for something as soon as someone tells me. You need to earn the right for me to say that I understand because maybe you really don't understand what's really going on. You need to earn my trust and you need to earn anything I'm going to give you because if you’re pulling some s--- over me and I fell for it, you're going to be in trouble. So prove to me that I can trust you. Prove to me that you're worth something." I said while pointing my index finger at him. "Earn the right for me to actually call you by your name." I smiled and turned back to the cauldron to wait for the hour to be up. It took about half an our more before I added 2 measurements of horklump juice to the mixture. I got Drapes to take the temperature up to medium for ten seconds while I added 2 blobs of flobberworm mucus. Then I stirred it 4 times clockwise and waved my wand. That potion only took about an hour and fifteen minutes...
  6. Uncle Severus got Neville to go out of the class to the herbology garden and ask Professor Sprout for a plant. Neville almost ran out of the classroom and was back within what seemed like no time. Everyone else was already finished their potion but they had to wait for Draco and I. I took off the veil which I had forgotten to before now and then people could hear us. The plant was set on the table in front of us while my uncle tested the other potions. No surprise that Hermione got a good result, although my uncle didn't want to acknowledge it she did awesome. After the disasters, the successes and dear god... Seamus Finnigan, we came to Drapes and I. I emptied some of the potion into a vial and then tipped it on the plant. The plant then shriveled up and sagged over. It was dead... "Excellent!" My uncle shouted. "Well done Draco and ______!" He clapped us on the back but I was doing the talking thing with my hand and he glared at me to play nice. I hid my hand behind my back and smiled innocently. When everyone was filing out of the classroom there was a knock at the door. A handsome 4th year came through the door and I wondered who he was. He brushed by me without noticing me at all and that annoyed me. "McLaggen," my uncle greeted him. "Professor Snape," McLaggen started. "You had that assignment you wanted to give me..." he trailed off. "Of course." My uncle started shuffling through piles of work and waved his hand numbly behind his back. "McLaggen this is my niece ______, ______ meet Cormac McLaggen." "Nice to meet you." He said, drifting, while not even looking at me. "Whatever," I said and walked out of the room. Then I walked into double trouble.
  7. One of them, I didn't know who, put his arm around my shoulders and the other ruffled my hair, "So how's it going today ______?" "It is your first day after all." "Who knows what's going to happen!" They made spooky ghost sounds and suddenly Peeves appeared, oh no... I thought. "Hey it's the new girl!" He taunted and everyone turned to look, when they saw it was just Peeves they turned away again. "What do you want Peeves?" I asked, irritated. "Just wanted to talk to the niece of Snapey Severus Snape." He laughed. "Go away Peeves, I don't have time for your rants today." Yea I'd met Peeves before. He was a real nuisance but I had to put up with it. If I didn't make a fool of him anymore like I used too, he wouldn't tell the secret I didn't want told. "Oh contraire Ms. ______," he tapped his nose. "We wouldn't want something to accidentally slip out of my mouth now would we?" "You little rat! We have a deal you menace!" "True, true, but don't forget to keep your side of the deal." "Yea yea I know..." Technically my side was I wasn't aloud to prank him or anyone else for that matter anymore. Apparently there were a couple of pranksters around here that combined with Peeves was enough. It pissed me off that I wasn't aloud to but I had to hold up my end. I also had to allow Peeves to torture me whenever he so desired. "Fine you little mole but you didn't say that I couldn't walk away." I walked at a quicker pace ahead. He popped up in front of me and gave another laugh, "I am a ghost you know." He disappeared with the last word and i turned around to see that the corridor was empty. Good, so no one suspected I was hiding something. I quickened my pace and walked to my next subject.
  8. Hey guys that's where I'm gonna leave it for now! I hope you liked it and I'm sorry I haven't put this up in a while... I just put up another quiz but no one has taken it so will you please check out my series Fragments of my memory and Vampire Academy Love Story. Also don't forget to check out my sneak peeks of some of the novels I'm writing!
  9. Speaking of the sneak peeks of my novels. I promised that in this quiz I would announce the next one! I'll always announce the next one in my HP quiz so that I can get more of these out and so I can see what you guys think of my novels if you end up reading the sneak peeks. Anyways the next sneak peek will be an extract from... THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS SERIES: ENVY! It's the novel I'm currently writing at the moment and I hope you'll like it. I'll put it out in a few days but it will go up!
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