Maybe Hogwarts Isn't So Easy After All... Part 1

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Hey guys! Yea @Bluebird won the debate... She finally convinced me to write a HP quiz... well I hope it goes well and if it all goes down the drain I know who to go to! Thanks so much guys! Love y'all! Don't forget to hit submit and Comment & Rate 10!

This goes from year 3 to 8 because of course year 1 and 2 is too young to date! We're gonna take some twists, turns and unexpected dives, so strap on your seat belt and get ready for one heck of a ride.

Created by: Freeze
  1. All right @Bluebird you win! I give up! I'm writing a HP quiz series! Hey guys! Yea I'm starting another series! I've just started my Vampire Academy Love Story series and am thinking about going on with my Fragments of my memory series but decided to start this one. I mean, why not... I had an idea or two. It might not be that great and I admit, I'm not the best writer but hey, you've just got to try right. I mean as my motto, 'only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly.'
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  3. I sat at the table eying my pumpkin juice with a new type of disgust. I wasn't a fan of the stuff but people just made me drink it. I actually threw it down the drain once but that only succeeded in giving me more. My uncle sat across the table. We were in the famous Hogwarts building that I'd heard so much about for most of my life. When I got a letter from Matrian instead of Hogwarts, I never heard the end of it. I didn't really get along with my parents well, they weren't the best you could wish for but I guess I wasn't the total dream daughter. Matrian was a magical academy in California. I didn't even agree to leave there. My parents just shipped me on a plane and flew me over to live with my uncle for a while. Luckily a couple of my friends had decided they'd come and join me here at the fabulous Hogwarts. My brother was also joining me here. I didn't mind him so much; we actually got along pretty well. I didn't particularly like my uncle though. Uncle Severus was the potions teacher at Hogwarts and had managed to get us in. Thank you so much uncle, the best birthday present ever... So I thought that maybe if I wasn't the most cooperative they'd let me go back to Matrian. After a bit of time passed students started filing into the hall. A few gave me odd stares but most were just curious. I gazed dully around the room. Hoping to spot someone worth noticing. I noticed the guy that my uncle was always talking about. That favourite potions kid of his. Couldn't remember the name... Was it Drapes? Something like that... Well if I ever talked to him that's what I would call him. He looked like a Drapes to me. Then there was that boy with the scar he always talked about, Henry was it? Then there were those red heads I saw in the paper once. Was it Ronny, Frodo and Greg? I don't know. I didn't really pay much attention to them.
  4. After they all sat down the first years and my friends came in. We gave each other the signature waves of Matrian and they stood in the corridor. Everyone was called one after another. My brother was in Slytherin... My friends got put in Gryffindor though. Ok now it was my mission to be in the same house. We promised each other that much. "______ _______." Called Professor McGonagall. I walked like I really didn't care that there were hundreds of eyes on me. I was the only one left. Like a boss! My parents, and my uncle, expected me to go into Slytherin. So let's make them disappointed shall we. I sat down and the old dusty hat was place upon my head. "Ah it's the one and only daughter of Breanna and Dalton Trenton." I was rebellious and decided to change my last name. "So what if I am?" "Nothing." The hat replied and then it sighed. "Why are these ones never easy?" "Maybe I'm just a very complicating person." I replied. "Ok so a house..." It started. 'Hey don't say this out loud but want to piss off my parents?' "Of course." This is why I talk to the hat! People were looking at us curiously, wondering what it was doing. 'Put me in Gryffindor.' "I'm not going to put you in Gryffindor." Said the hat and I saw my friends slack a bit. The whole Gryffindor table seemed disapointed that they weren't gaining a new member. I plastered a smirk on my face. "Are you questioning my bravery hat?" I said out loud so everyone could hear. "Not at all. You just don't fit the description of a Gryffindor though. Hufflepuff is out too." Hufflepuff slacked down a bit. "No I'm going to have to put you in..."
  5. "Slytherin!" The Slytherin table cheered and I knew this would happen. As soon as the hat sorted my brother, Caden, into Slytherin I was hooked in there too. I made my way to the Slytherin table, tossing an apologetic glance at my friends on the way and a glare at the sorting hat. Even though it had gone motionless again. I sat next to my brother and he attempted to shew me off. "You'll harsh my mellow sis!" He whispered to me. "Whatever Cad. I wouldn't want to 'harsh you're mellow.'" I noticed a group of girls already swooning over him like at our last school but it more annoyed me here. I shot them a look and they backed off whispering. No matter what everyone else thought I went and sat over with the Gryffindors after Dumbledore's little speech. "Hey girls." I said to them as I sat down beside Charlotte. There were only two of them here. Charlotte and Whitney. My uncle came up to me in front of everyone and gave me a lecture. "I'm not sure if you're familiar with the rules here _______ but you better acquaint with them. You are to sit at your own table and socialize later with the others." Although from the tone of his voice it sounded like that wasn't an option. But I was only half listening. I flipped out my mobile just to annoy him and yawned while he waited for an answer. The whole hall was silent. "Cool your jets uncle." "Must you always talk back to me?" He asked in an irritated voice. "No it's purely voluntary." I replied. I sensed his defeat as he walked off and then the hall burst into chatter again. My friends were almost falling off there chairs laughing. You had to be there to really appreciate the moment. I pocketed my phone again and glanced around the table and saw one of the red headed kids looking at me with a smirk on his face. "What are you looking at Frodo?" I swear I can be nice as well! He frowned and turned to his twin. I turned back to my friends but I caught him saying, "Do I really look like a hobbit from the Lord of the Rings?" "Definitely." Said the other twin. Then they started laughing. "My precious." They said in that freaky voice that creature does. I liked them already. They get the funny side, a side my parents always failed to see. Then someone else walked into the room.
  6. A guy with brown hair and brown eyes walked into the hall. My eyes were all focused on him. "Wow." I can't believe I'd actually said that out loud. He was so cute! Well that's what I thought anyway... He looked older than me though. He cast me a look and saw me staring. I quickly ducked my head down and hid behind a curtain of hair. I heard him walk over. "You knew around here?" He asked me. I could detect a Scottish accent in there. That just made him even cuter. "Yea. I'm ______ ________." I replied. "I'm Oliver Wood. It's a pleasure." He said while extending his hand to shake. I was blushing when I came out from under the protective curtain of hair that I had mustered up and shook his hand. It was surprisingly soft for hands that looked like he had worked pretty hard. "What year are you in this year?" He asked me. "I'm in third year. Also in Slytherin." Those facts didn't seem to deflate him though. "What year are you in?" I asked. "Oh I'm in seventh. My last year at this beautiful place." He said and then sighed. Before our conversation could advance any further a pretty handsome guy walked up to Oliver. "You ready for some more quidditch this year Wood?" The strange guy asked. "Definitely. You're going down Diggory!" Said Oliver determinedly. I turned to face 'Diggory' and when he realized I was there he turned to me. "We have a newbie!" He cheered. "You're that girl that got put into Slytherin yea?" "Yea." I said a bit shyly. "I'm Cedric Diggory but I already know your name!" "Nice to meet you Cedric." "Believe me ______ the pleasure is all mine!" He said as he whisked away. "Sorry about him." Oliver said to me. "He's in Hufflepuff." "Oh." I said like that explains it all. "Hey Oliver!" Someone yelled over to him. Looked like some of his year seven buddies. "I'll catch you later." He said while looking at me one last time. "Yea." I said and the blush was still fading when he left. I turned around to see Whitney talking to a black haired boy. That was Henry! I think... "Hey what's she doing?" I asked Charlotte. "Trying to flirt with Harry Potter!" She whispered to me. So that's what his name was. Next to Harry was one of the other red headed boys. Whitney was now up to the stage of introducing her friends. "Harry, Ron, this is Charlotte and _______. Guys meet Harry and Ron." So Ron was the red headed kid. "Pleasure." Charlotte and I said in unison. You'd be surprised how much that happens.
  7. "Hey have you guys seen Trevor? I can't find him!" "Again Neville!" Said a girl to the opposite of Harry. I knew her! That's my old friend Hermione! "Hermione?" "Oh hey ______! Nice to see you again!" "Nice to meet you ______." Said Neville. "Have you seen Trevor? Just as I opened my mouth to answer I heard a voice from behind me. "No one cares about your stupid frog Longbottom." "Now that wasn't very nice." I said while I turned around. I stood up and looked him up and down. It was Drapes. "Hey you're that favourite potions kid of my uncles. What's you're face? Drapes isn't it?" If anything I stood up for people. "My name is Draco but yes I am Professor Snape's favourite potions student I presume." He said proudly. "I don't really care for things that my uncle likes." I looked down at my nails in boredom. "Or bullies." I said while looking him straight in the eye. He looked uncertain now. "Now Scram." I said with a wave of my hand. When he didn't go away. I did a type of whistle that an owner would to his dog and said, "Shew Lassie shew!" He turned around with a determined attitude and strode back to his table. "Nice one." Said the twins as they held their hands up in the air for a high five. "Don't leave us hanging." The other one said. I high fived them both as they said. "My name is Fred." "And my name is George." Wow my first day was really productive.
  8. Hey guys. I hope you liked the first part of my new series! Sorry if it wasn't all that great... There are a lot of great quizzes out there and a lot of great quiz makers and I may not be on of them but I at least want to try and get one good series before my empire crumbles around me. If I even have an empire. Thanks guys!
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