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  • Sorry I didn't answer you guys earlier!

    @Faith- Thanks! I was going for different! I always like to be different and that's why I was hesitating about writing this type of quiz. Thanks again and I'm writing it right now!

    @Bluebird- Yes you won... Don't get too excited about it... Thanks and yes, Oliver is a cutie. Thank you, they do have different personalities so i just wanted to personify that. I wanted to put that in there because it seemed funny to me. Thanks again and I'll settle for OK writer. Have you seen my Dear Diary novel? It's atrocious! A complete mess! But it was my first one I tried to write... I didn't even finish it... But as my singing teacher says, we are our own worst critics. Time is one of my favourites that I'm writing. Thank you, it's under production!

    @Mac arena- Hahaha yes Ron isn't usually a favourite. I really want to change the Ron stereotype in this one! Thanks!

    @5thMara uder- Thanks! I wanted to put that and I love your quiz series! I wasn't trying to copy you or anything! I'm sorry if you got that impression! It's under production!

    @spo tty dinosaur- Thank you! Hahaha I was going for funny, I thought it was anyway!

    @HarryPo tter_1D- Thanks!It's never happened before that I know of so I wanted to put it in there. Thanks!

    @LipsFor Kissing- Hahaha thanks and it's under production!

    @WTF _NINJA- Thanks! Hahaha it's under production!

    @Cal ypso1315- Thanks and it's under production!

  • Yes I won! I told you I would be victorious! It was a magnificent start and I can see that your Oliver liking has show in this piece. I like how you put the twins as separate results because they are their own people and I like some of the things that you did. I liked the Lord of the rings reference. Don't say you're a bad writer because some of your pieces are absolutely gorgeous! Especially the novel that you're writing called Time. It's a magnificent piece and you should never doubt yourself! I can not wait for the next one and as is my catchphrase, I'll be looking ;)

  • AHHH! I loved it! I love how my character was trying to argue with the sorting hat and how she totally stood up to Draco! It's totally different from a lot of stories I've read so plase keep up the good work!

  • Fabulous!!!! I can't wait for the next part! Don't ever believe that what you did was rubbish because it was SPECTACULAR! Some great ideas there already! I thought it was quite funny as well-Drapes! what an epic name! and Frodo! lol!

    spotty dinosaur
  • Wow I love it!! It was a great start to this serie and I can't wait to see part 2 :D I like the fact that Snape's my Uncle xD LOL Drapes,Henry,Ronny, Frodo,Greg?I'm laughing too much!

  • Awesome!! Love Snape being my uncle,it's like my series,only a different person!! :D Anyway,can't wait for the next part!

  • I LOVED it and the title. It's different from other Hogwarts story I really LIKED it and CAN'T wait for the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! MAKE the NEXT one SOOOOOOOOON

  • Darn you Faith, I wanted the first comment! But looks like I'm far from it......I totally loved this please make part 2 soon! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

  • Why have I not found this before now!??!? PH MY GRYFFINDOR IT WAS AWESOME!!! I can't wait forth next part!!! Lol....Drapes...

  • What the f---? I got ron. Ewww i'm gonna wash my mobile screen. Apart from my douchebag result its a very awsome writing.

  • SOON I tell u SOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!


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