Max and Harvey Mills Quiz

Take this quiz to find out your real millsie status !! so you know your basic knowledge? but do you know the interesting stuff? make sure to try your best but have fun too xoxo

This is a quiz about the identical twin singing duo Max and Harvey ! Do you think you know them? Take this quiz to find out if your a proper Millsie, Good Luck

Created by: Amelia

  1. Okay, who's older?
  2. by how long?
  3. Did they have braces?
  4. Who had them longer?
  5. Do they have pets? if so what are they?
  6. What are the pets names?
  7. What are their full names?
  8. How Many Puppies did their dog Pippa have? and what are the name themes?
  9. what are the puppies names?
  10. When's their birthday
  11. Do they have siblings?
  12. What are their names?
  13. What is their sister Tilly's real name?
  14. Who's older Tilly or Leo?
  15. What are their parents names?
  16. Where do they live?
  17. What instrument does Harvey play?
  18. What instrument does Max play?
  19. What is Harvey's favourite animal?
  20. what is Max's Favourite food?
  21. What is Harvey's favourite site to post video's on?
  22. What is Max's Fave school subject?
  23. If max could collab with anyone who would it be?
  24. Who is Harvey's Fave youtuber?
  25. Who is Max's Fave band or group artist to cover?

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