Are you Really a MILLSIE😱👊?

This quiz is about Max and Harvey mills( as you can see, the title includes "millsie") this quiz will test if you are a real millsie or not. If you are not a fan. Do not continue, it may just waste you're time,and if you ask me, I don't like my time wasted.

So are you a REAL millsie??? Do you know much about them??? Do you pay attention to them??? Let's see and find out!(so basically, this annoying quiz maker requires 150 words, but I said all I can say... Ughhh... Okay! Goodluck!!!

Created by: FionnaMertinsXx

  1. What is max's favorite food?
  2. What is Harv's favorite food?
  3. What is their response to the fan question: "would you Date fan?" ?
  4. "Hmu I have no friends" Who's line is this?
  5. "Believe me I'm British" who's line is this?
  6. "If that falls, you're a dead man" who's line is this?
  7. Which of the two is great at raps?
  8. How much do you love them? (Ikr)
  9. Which of the two likes floral?
  10. Who has the black Nike rubber shoes?
  11. Who has the white Nike rubber shoes?
  12. Who has below- ear- level hair when he was ten?
  13. What's their school? (Ik it's a little bit obvious and not challenging)
  14. Did Harv rapped alphabet aerobics?
  15. "Is this a real knife?" ~____2k17
  16. When they were ten, who plays electric guitar?
  17. What is Max's "pose" 😂😂?
  18. "I'm currently ignoring my brother right now because He's annoying."
  19. How many songs have they created so far?
  20. How much did they donated to the Manchester children's hospital which they earned by singing and performing in the same hospital and the same day?
  21. Who has the mole below his right eye?
  22. Who has the mole below his right eye?
  23. Who played as jack (titanic) two times, with Amelia and on the playlist live?
  24. Who wants that one balloon just to run while holding it (at tesco)
  25. Who's the guy they sang with when they're singing "that's what I like by Bruno mars?

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Quiz topic: Am I Really a MILLSIE😱👊?