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this is a quiz on how well how well you know/are a fan of Max and Harvey mills but if you score 51% or higher you are a mills fan if you score 50% or lower i am sorry for you you are not a true mills fan i mean you could be though.

so i am writing this and i have no idea on what to write bu ti am a #teamharvey sorry max what are you but hope you have fun i am also writing this when i am half way awake and my feet are asleep.

Created by: Alison

  1. Which plays the drums
  2. What are there full names?
  3. when is their bday
  4. Were do they live
  5. What is there favorite subject in school?
  6. who plays the gitaur
  7. there first song was be seen in green?
  8. on musically are they crowned
  9. who is older
  10. do the have sibling
  11. how many
  12. what are their parents name
  13. what are their most shared hobby
  14. are you ready to get your results????

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