The Max and Harvey Mills Quiz!

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. Genius is, after all, exceptional. What is a genius? Who knows. Anyway, it's not relevant to this quiz.

This quiz is about the identical twin singers that are Max and Harvey Mills! They are very talented singers and musical people. I'm guessing you are here to find out how much of a fan you are? Or just because you found it some how. That happens a lot on here. Anyway, let's start!

Created by: jumping.jods
  1. Let's start easy, Who is older?
  2. By how much?
  3. What skill do the twins share?
  4. When were they born?
  5. Where were they born?
  6. Which one wears a hat?
  7. Which instrument does Harvey play?
  8. They have a younger sister and brother. What are their names?
  9. How Many fans do they have?
  10. Are they in bomb squad or crown crew? ( collab accounts)
  11. Are you a Millie? (Max and Harvery fan)

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