Math Test (From a real test)

This is an advanced math class test. There are decimals, fractions and ratios. Some has to do with math AND Language Arts. Good luck! 70% is lowest passing grade.

Can you pass my test? Will you get an A, or lower? The grading scale is: 59 and below is F. 60-69 D. 70-79 C. (70% lowest pass grade) 80-89 B. 90-200 A.

Created by: Beatle Obsessed

  1. What decimal is equal to 4/5?
  2. Which statement is true?
  3. Which is equivalent to. 3?
  4. Which group of numbers is in order from least to greatest?
  5. This shows white dots to black dots. What is the ratio of white to black? °°°°°°°°° "¢"¢"¢"¢"¢"¢"¢"¢"¢
  6. There are 8 cakes and 15 pies for sale in a store window. What is the ratio of pies to cakes?
  7. If there are 25 students in Mrs. Bowen's class, which statement could be true?
  8. Which statement is true?
  9. If 0.3 < x < 0.34 which of the following could be x?
  10. Which number is NOT a perfect square?

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