spongebob lover

Have you failed other tests? take the real test!!!! become a true fan!! or you could just stay one ...if your good! test your skill on this REAL test

How many times have you thought yourself to be a genius?? Enough i bet. But test your mind, pushed to the max.. i bet you can't pass it.. but show me wrong and be the ultimate spongebob fan!!!!!!!!

Created by: melanie

  1. What does the acronym E.V.I.L stand for
  2. What is patrick?
  3. Was patrick ever a girl? If so what was his name?
  4. What was one possible efect of riding the "FIREY-FIST-O-PAIN"?
  5. What does spongbob eat at the Goofy Goober?
  6. What is the first body part that patrick and spongebob spray "growth spray" on squidward?
  7. Why does spongebob come in early to work?
  8. What is one of the things the coins tell mr krab to buy?
  9. What is the name of the magazine spongebob gets hsi prom tuxedo out of?
  10. Here's an easy one. What is the name of Pearl's favorite band.

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