Math Rules!!!

This test is about how smart you really are. Some questions may be to hard some questions will be to easy and some will be just right. I hope you learned from this quiz.

I a couple minutes find out what is in that math brain of yours. This test will help you improve and show what you know. Good luck and have a good time taking the test.

Created by: Hank
  1. 12*12=
  2. What is the square route of 49?
  3. 6*X=24 what is X?
  4. 9+10=
  5. If a class had students getting score of 96% and 98%. Half the class got each. What is the average percentage for the students in the class.
  6. 96*5=
  7. 42/7=
  8. 22-9+12-5=
  9. 5-4+7-4=
  10. 45/8*5=

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