How well do you know the Rounders Rules?

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Rounders is a sport played by both genders but mainly girls especially in schools. There are dozens of players. It requires great speed and skill and knowledge of the rules. But it's so much fun :)

Hia guys, was doing my P.E. hwork have to revise the rounders rules so I thought what the hell. I'll make it into a quiz it give's me an excuse to be on here :D

Created by: sammierox1997

  1. Games are played between ____ teams
  2. Each team has a maximum of _____
  3. And a minimum of ______
  4. No more than ___ must be on the field at any one time
  5. When waiting to bat you must wait...
  6. If out you must wait...
  7. When batting, how many good balls will get bowled to you?
  8. It is a no ball if it's not smooth underarm action
  9. It is a no ball if the ball is above the head or below the knee
  10. It is a no ball if it bounces on the way to you
  11. It is a no ball if it is wide or straight at the body
  12. It is a no ball if the bowlers foot goes outside the square during bowling action
  13. You can't run on a no ball
  14. 1 Rounder is scored if the ball is hit and 4th base is reached
  15. 1 Rounder is scored if the ball is hit and 4th base is recahed on a no ball
  16. 1/2 a Rounder is scored if 4th Base is reached without hitting the ball
  17. 1/2 a rounder is scored if the ball is hit and second base is reached
  18. A penalty rounder is given if you are obstructed by a fielder
  19. A penalty 1/2 rounder is given if 2 no balls are thrown to the same batter
  20. You are out if the ball you hit is caught
  21. You are out if your foot dosen't go over the batting line
  22. You are out for running round the outside of the posts (unless obstructed)
  23. You are out if the post you are running to is stumped
  24. You are out if you do not keep contact with the post during bowlers action when he has possesion in the square
  25. You are out if you over take
  26. You are out if you obstruct while fielding
  27. Last of All: Do you need to keep hold of the bast while running round the track?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Rounders Rules?