do u know your WWE Xtremes?

There are those that aint xtreme there are those that love submissions then there are those that are Xtreme. Can u handle TLC, last man standing, steel cage, and extreme rules. Take this quiz!

Live for the Moment thats the code that The Hardyz and people like me that are xtreme live by. Now u hav to face tables,ladders,chairs, and xtreme rules. Live for the Moment.

Created by: saxon
  1. What is the event where WWE goes Xtreme?
  2. what wrestler loves to take chances off of insane heights?
  3. What is the match at Wrestlemania where 8 opponents get a championship opportunity?
  4. What match will Batista face John Cena at Extreme Rules?
  5. what was the newest extreme PPV event that started in 2009?
  6. What cage match is the most hellacious known in WWE?
  7. What in undertakers signature match?
  8. What TLC match catapulted these 3 teams to superstardom?
  9. what xtreme type of match was Bret Harts last WWE match at Wrestlemania 26?
  10. Shawn Micheals vs. Razor Ramon at Wrestlemania 10 in a?
  11. And Finally, which wrestlers competed in a extreme rules match at WrestleMania 25?

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Quiz topic: Do u know my WWE Xtremes?