Indian Road Rules

Any Indian, or visitor to that country, will understand that road rules on the sub-continent differ considerably from those in Europe, North America and Upper Volta.

This is a simple 10 question quiz to see if you are ready to face the traffic of Delhi in a Hindustan Ambassador or on a Suzuki Access 125, or an uncooperative mule.

Created by: GerFix

  1. A taxi, a bus, an elephant, and a man on a bicycle carrying a piano reach a 4 way stop junction at the same time. Who has right of way?
  2. You are undertaking 2 buses, 5 scooters, a cow, and 27 taxis whilst approaching a 36 lane round-about. How should you indicate your intentions?
  3. What is the maximum number of passengers allowed on an LML Supremo Scooter?
  4. Signals from a traffic policeman may be disregarded if
  5. To achieve a 5 star Indian NCAP safety rating, a vehicle must have which one of the following:
  6. A bus, carrying 327 passengers, collides with a truck, carrying 5 tonnes of peacock-feather fans, ahead of you. What are you obliged to do?
  7. How many boys is a truck permitted to carry on its front bumper?
  8. You run out of fuel in the middle of a busy 12 lane street and your vehicle becomes an obstruction to traffic. What should you do?
  9. You are approaching a pedestrian crossing at 40 km/hr in a vehicle with no brakes. Four hundred children, 3 cows and a man with unfeasibly long toe nails are currently on the crossing. How should you proceed?
  10. At a railway level crossing, what is the first sign that a train is approaching?

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