How Much Of A Road Hog Are You

Roadhogs; they think they own the road. They're the ones who try to run you over an' if you don't get outta their way they just might. Heavy traffic can always bring out the roadhogs inside of us am I right?

Are you a roadhog? Do you think that you own the road or is it just you're in a 'hurry'? Well take this quiz an' you'll find the answer you were lookin' for.

Created by: Prissy

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  1. Do you find yourself yellin' at the driver in front of you to go faster?
  2. Do you yell at people from your car even though they can't hear you?
  3. On a lineless road do you always drive in the middle?
  4. When there are people walkin' in the road what do you do.
  5. If you did a wheelie an' a rock hit someone what would you do.
  6. In a parkin' lot like Wal-Mart do you cut across to get outta threre.
  7. Do you get irritated when someone takes forever to turn?
  8. Your tryin' to pull out of a parkin' lot in heavy traffic an' someone blocks you in; what would you do?
  9. Workers are workin' on the road an' you have to stop; whaddya do?
  10. Your drivin' behind a school bus an' the kids are slow; whaddya do?
  11. What do you do if someone cuts you off? (Trys to run you off the road)

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