Grade three math

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Grade three. Where everything changes. Where you learn more in every subject the. In any other grades. I should know. I'm in grade eight and if you are mad at me because I made a math quiz. Sorry...

Math is a beautiful thing. - Albert Einstin. I'm just joking. He never said that. I personally hate math to. Or love it. Sometimes I love it and other times I strongly dislike it. If you are studying, good luck!

Created by: 070085915

  1. What's 23+25?
  2. What's 456-123?
  3. If a phone company made three phones per minute, how many would they make in 10 minutes?
  4. Do you like math?
  5. There was a cake and now it's gone. How many cakes were there before it vanished?
  6. What's 50+50-1?
  7. If the Buffulo Sabers won 2 Stanley cups (hockey) and the Toronto Maple leafs won 9 Stanley cups, what is the difference of the two teams winnings? In other words...what's 9-2?
  8. What's 2x3?
  9. What's 2x0?
  10. What's 1 000 000 000 x 0?
  11. What's 1+1?

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