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Do you know the Mass Effect species? DO YOU REALLY? These aren't the easiest of questions, so get ready to prove just how hardcore of a Mass Effect fan you are!

You get a prize depending on how far you score over 50! It might be a cookie. Or a gold star. Or I might even tell you my favorite species *GASP* so rewarding.

Created by: William Dennison

  1. Which of these species has a common lifespan of only 40 galactic years?
  2. Which of these species is mono-gender?
  3. Which species created the Citadel and the Mass Relays?
  4. Which species founded the citadel council?
  5. "Cerberus" is a survivalist paramilitary group run by -
  6. Which of these are NOT a Citadel Species?
  7. Which of these non-sapient species closely resemble monkeys?
  8. Which species speaks in a flat, monotone voice?
  9. Which species has an extremely weak immune system?
  10. Which of these species consider inflicting physical pain to one another as a causal form of communication?
  11. Which species is a sentient machine race?
  12. The scientist machine race mentioned above was created by which of these species?
  13. Which of these species has four eyes?
  14. Which were the second species to join the Citadel?
  15. Which species most often preaches about "The Enkindlers"?
  16. Kepral's Syndrome is the leading cause of death for which of these species?
  17. Which race suffers the effects of a biological weapon called the genophage?
  18. Which species is a client race of the Turians?

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