Mario Quiz Intelatly

Mario is may favourite gaming character, I know alot about him, but if you think youre supposed to be a Genius, it could be a true dream, but you can be it!

So why don't you try out this and see if you can be a real Mario genius? Come on try it and be the better one than me. And I thank you alot if you try my quiz.

Created by: ales

  1. Who is Mario's brother?
  2. What happens if you die eight times on a level? (New Super Mario Bros WII)
  3. Who is the girl that helps in Super Mario Galaxy 1?
  4. Who is P.Peach
  5. Which of these power-up groups are in Super Mario Bros WII?
  6. Who is Bowser?
  7. Who are in the Mario family?
  8. What is unexpected in Super Mario Bros WII?
  9. Who is Yoshi?
  10. What would you think Mario would to if he skips to world 4 with a cannon?

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