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The Marblelympics were barely known when they first began. Loyal fans continued to tune in for more. They eventually share it with people they knew. As quickly as it had started, the Marblelympics became a worldwide phenomenon.

Now it's you turn, fellow fan, to test your knowledge of the Marblelympics. You've likely picked a favorite team and watch the latest events. But have you gotten to know the other marble athletes? Are you a true Marblelympics fan?

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  1. What year was the Marblelympics first hosted?
  2. How many events do qualified teams partake in during each Marblelympics?
  3. How many teams take part in the main events of the Marblelympics?
  4. What team was the first to win a gold medal in the Marblelympics?
  5. In all, how many teams have taken part in qualification rounds? (as of 2018)
  6. The 2018 Winter Marblelympics are the only one to divide an event into two parts. What event was this?
  7. How many fan intrusions have there been in the first three Marblelympics?
  8. Which of these teams has qualified for the Marblelympics twice? (as of 2018)
  9. Team Momo merged with Team Primary in the 2018 Marblelympics. What colors (in order) were the three bars on the main logo?
  10. There is a three-way tie for the worst Marblelympics team based on event rankings. Which of these teams is not one of them?
  11. In 2017, one team was penalized in an event, losing three points. Who was it?
  12. In the 2018 Winter Marblelympics, how many teams were shuffled into each pot for the qualification rounds?
  13. The Raspberry Racers were introduced in 2018. What two teams merged to make this one?
  14. Which of the following teams (qualified or not) did not compete in the Hubelino Tournament?
  15. Which of these teams has never won a gold medal? (as of 2018)
  16. In which event was a Marblelympics record broken for the first time in 2018?
  17. Which of these teams has not had their team member names changed?
  18. Throughout the Marblelympics, there have been multiple fan intrusions. What have all of these fans had in common?
  19. What is the official size (diameter) of Marblelympic athletes?
  20. Which of the following elements of the Marblelympics was not introduced in 2017?

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