Manchester United Quiz

Well, this is another soccer quiz that 20 people will take. It's about Manchester United, one of the best soccer clubs in recoreded history. Of course, you wouldn't know that. I did.

If your a Man Utd fan, take this quiz to prove you legitimacy. It's easy and short and your results are fairly accurate. It's only 10 questions long and you also have the luxury of a teacher not breathing down your neck.

Created by: Brittonio34
  1. When was Manchester United founded?
  2. What was their original name?
  3. Who are their current strikers?
  4. What is the name of their stadium?
  5. What is the nationality of this club?
  6. Who's in the midfield?
  7. What is Federico Macheda's number
  8. What were Man United's original colors?
  9. What is approximatly Manchester United's fan base population?
  10. Where does Manchester United reside?

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