Magical Love Story Pt 1

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Now I understand the other quiz-makers, having to fill this stinking thing up. I realize it sucks. What am I going to say? Hmmm, lemme think... Wait, it filled up already! Good xD

ONE MORE? ARGH! Okay, fine. Your name is Luna Nightshade, and it's your birthday, you're completing 15 today. You "meet" four guys. But why does two of them look so much alike? Are they family? Like cousins, or maybe more? You'll know more in th next part.

Created by: AiFiahK3mE
  1. Hi there. My name is Luna Nightshade, and I'm a moon nymph. The only one that ever existed. Untill a few months ago, I though I was a normal teenage girl, with dreams, hopes and no belief in a thing that is a big part of my whole life. Magic. But then i met three guys, and my life were never the same again. Everything started in my fifthteenth birthday.
  2. I woke up on morning by the feeling that someone was watching me. I looked around my room as if it were possible for anyone to sneak in without Light (my dog) knowing it. As I though, no one, besides Light sleeping in the carpet, was there. But I still had that feeling, so I looked out the window and saw the most handsome boy I had ever seen. He had jet black hair and icy blue eyes, and he was looking straight at me.
  3. He smiled, showing perfectly white teeth. I blinked hard, and when I opened my eyes again he was gone, and a raven was in his place. The raven seemed to be looking at me too, then it unfolded its wings and flew away, leaving only a black feather in the street. 'Well that was weird' I though.
  4. I got up from the bed and looked at my cellphone. One new message, it was from Alice, my best friend. - Hey, Luna! Happy Birthday! See you in school! -. Then I remembered it was my birthday today. How could I forget that?! I was turning fifthteen today! I looked at the date. Yep, it was my birthday. 13th October, friday(I know, my birthday is on Friday the 13th, great huh?). I opened my closet and changed into(does affect score)
  5. I put my clothes on, and then went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. After I was done, I headed out to take the bus.
  6. The bus was almost leaving, so I had to run to make it in time. The busdriver glared at me for being late, but didn't say anything. As I looked for an empty seat I saw a boy. He had blonde hair that was so light it looked white, and pitch black hair. He was as hot as the guy I saw outside my window, but it was something weird about this one. He was staring at me too, and, for a single second, I could swear his eyes turned red. Then he broke the eye contact and shaked his head, as if to get rid of a though he didn't want to think, and looked out the window, his eyes black again.
  7. Finally, I found Alice, and she had saved a seat for me. I looked thankfully at her and sat by her. "You're late. Again." she said plainly. "No, I'm not. I've come just in time. Again." I answered her. She laughed. "When will you learn to wake up earlier?" she asked. "I'll do it when you stop asking that every single morning." I said and smirked at her. She rolled her eyes and looked out the window. I picked up my iPod and listened to Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine (listening to it right now :D). It had just ended when Alice poked me. "What?" I asked. "Him." she answered and pointed to someone in front of us. By the blonde-haired guy sat now a boy with brown hair and forest green eyes, as handsome as blondie and the other guy outside my window. Guess what he was doing? Staring at me. When I stared back, he smiled showing the cutest dimples I'd ever seen, and winked at me. Blondie mumbled something and the brown-haired dude turned around. "Your face is totally red, Luna." Alice said, trying not to laugh. "Wouldn't your face get red too if it was you?" I muttered, trying to stop blushing. "Probably, but it was you he winked to."
  8. "Still. Did you see his dimples?" I asked. "Yeah, weren't they cute?" she said. "Yes, really, really cute". As if he knew we were talking about him, the brown-haired guy turned around and smiled at me again. I realized the first thing I saw in his face were his eyes. They looked like they were like, neon green, yet with the same color as a forest. It was weird, yet very beautiful. Finally, we arrived school. In the crew of students I lost Blondie and Green-eyes out of sight. Alice and I ran to class, we were about to get late. Luckily, about a minute after we came in to the classroom the teacher entered the room. I looked around and saw Blondie and Green-eyes right behind me. Green-eyes smiled at me again, but Blondie just rolled his eyes at Green-eyes. Green-eyes seemed to get an idea, and ripped a piece of paper out of his book and wrote something in it. He them gave me the piece of paper. - Hey, my name is James. What's yours, sweetie? - I looked up blushing again and James winked at me. Looked like he was a flirt. I wrote back telling him my name. "Nice name!" he mouthed at me. I smiled and mouthed "Thanks!"
  9. He ripped another piece of paper out of the book and wrote something more in it. He handled you it. - This guy beside me is Ethan. He's a nice guy after you really get to know him, but it'll take a while untill he really trusts you -. 'Oh, so that's Blondies name...' I though. The rest of the day flew by and I was already home with James and Ethans number on my phone. This is what I call a great birthday, don't you think? I got the number of two of the hottest guys I've ever seen the day I turned 15! I decided to take a walk with Light(my dog, if you don't remember). We went to the park. I saw the last of the leaves fall of the trees as the winter was aproaching. I knew that soon it would snow, and I couldn't wait for it to happen.
  10. I watched peacefully Light play with the falling leaves, trying to catch them and stuff like that when...
  11. I saw the same guy that was outside my window. Yet, it wasn't him. He looked exactly as him, but it was something different. I couldn't think of why, but it still was so. He looked at me for a few seconds, and then walked slowly away. 'I think this is the weirdest day of my life...' I though. A while after the guy was gone I went home, I wasn't feeling so good. Was I getting sick? When I arrived I just changed into my pajamas, and laid in my bed. Light got up and laid by my feet. A few minutes later I was already sleeping and dreaming about...
  12. (No matter what you picked, you dreamed about the past) I was standing in a beautiful meadow. It was a night when the sky was full of shining stars and the moon was full. I had never seen the moon so big. In the middle of the meadow was a small lake, fireflies flying over the lake and around me. The lakes water reflected the moonlight and looked white. I was wearing a long, plain yet very beautiful white dress, and I was alone in the meadow, beside for a little cottage fifthty feet away from the lake. It was the most beautiful place I'd ever seen.
  13. Suddenly, something happened. As I looked at the moon, I saw something shining in the sky, like a shooting star, but it wasn't a star. It keeped falling and falling, and when it was close enough, I realized that it was a piece of the moon. Don't ask me how I knew that, I just did. The piece of the moon landed in the lake. The water started to glow silver, and I saw a beautiful woman and a tall, good-looking man - both seemed to be like 30 years old - coming out of the cottage and staring curiously at the shining lake. The woman approached the lake carefully though the warnings of her husband(I assumed they were married). She gasped and the man ran to her and asked what was wrong. The woman bent down and picked something up from the water. The man also gasped when he saw what it was. I could not see what it was from the distance, so I also came closer. I realized the woman was holding a...
  14. Newborn baby. "It's a girl!" the woman whispered. The little girl had mahogny red hair and when she opened her eyes I saw they were a very dark blue, the same color as the sky just this night(The sky wasn't black tonight, it was midnight blue, or maybe navy blue, it depends on personal taste). I had seen it somewhere, but I just couldn't remember where...
  15. Then I woke up. Light was still sleeping by my feet, and I was wearing my black nightgown and not the white dress. 'I wonder where I saw that red hair and midnight blue eyes...' I though. The I heard something for the kitchen and Light immediately woke up and started barking. "Light! Shh!" I whispered, trying to calm him down. But my attempts were too late. I saw a human shadow in the front of my door, and then the door bursted open. Standing there was the guy I saw in the park. "Luna! You have to follow me!" he screamed. "What?" I asked trying to not show the small nightgown I was wearing and trying to controll my blushing-wildly-problem. "We don't have time for this, Luna!""H-how do you know my name?""It doesn't matter right now. I'll explain later! James! I found her!" He shouted to someone behind him. "Wait, James?" I asked confused. Indeed, James was now in the door opening looking relieved. He ran to me and picked me up. Light started barking again and tryed to bite James. "Hey! Stop that! Luna, would you please make the dog stop?!" he begged me. I know it was totally the wrong time, but I laughed at how childish he sounded. At the sound of my laugh, Light finally understood James wasn't going to hurt me, and stopped barking.
  16. Then I heard another voice, but I didn't recognise it. It yelled: "James! Hurry up! He's almost here!""Dang it!" James muttered. Then he said: "Luna, we need to go now!""Not without Light!" I said, and were surprised at how calm I sounded. I were absolutely not calm on the inside. "Who?" James asked confused. "Light, my dog!" I said annoyed. "Just take him then. We need to hurry!" he said also annoyed. I picked Light up from the floor, he wasn't actually so heavy. James ran with me and Light in his arms as if we didn't weigh anything. I saw the guy from the park together with Ethan in my front door. I realized it was Ethans voice I'd heard, and that it was the first time I heard him actually speak. "You didn't need to carry her." Ethan muttered annoyed. "I know, but do you think I'd miss the chance of having her in my arms when she's wearing that nightgown?" James told him, then winked at me. I blushed even more. "Guys, we don't have time to start arguing, we need to get her to our place!" the guy from the park said. I studied him. He had jet black hair and icy blue eyes just like the guy outside my window, and looked exactly like him, but still he didn't. I mean, it was the same face, the same hair and the same eyes, but this one looked more... Kind. I don't know, he just did. "What's your name?" I asked him. He looked at me surprised that I'd ask him that in a time like this, but answered: "Sam. And I know you're Luna, so no need to tell me your name."
  17. ((Fast Forward)) The guys took me to a forest. Deep inside it was a tall rock cliff, and at the bottom of it(where we were) it was a small wood door. Ethan opened it, and when I came in, the only thing I could say was: "WOW!" It was a huge cave, but it looked more like a house. Carpets in the floor, coachs, chairs, a kitchen and a table. Oh, and a ' 'living room' '. Someone had built walls, that formed five rooms. I guessed one of them was mine, and other three were the guys. But what about the fifth room? Whose was it? If I'm going to be honest, I hoped no girl lived there with them. "I'll take you to your room." James told me. "Hmm, I don't think that would be a good idea." Ethan said thoughfully. "Maybe we should all go." Sam said, trying to avoid arguing again. I just realized now, but he looked a little bit emo. I wondered why we was dressed like that. All black and it looked like he was wearing a little eyeliner. James was wearing grey jeans and a green tee-shirt, and I could read the words: Save Our Planet, One Piece At A Time. Ethan was wearing black jeans and a completely snowwhite shirt.
  18. I looked at first Ethan, then James, then Sam. I wondered if it was him that I saw outside my window. Yeah, I think it was him. That explained how the guys knew where I lived. I continued staring at him, trying to figure out what to think. I knew he knew I was staring, but he hid it. Finally, he asked, annoyed: "What?!" I blinked, and shoke my head to stop staring. "Well?" he asked again. "What were you doing outside my window this morning?" I asked. He looked confused. "What? I wasn't outside your-" he stopped himself, and looked scared. "What? Do you think-" Ethan started, but James cut him off: "Yes, it has to be. That explains why he knew exactly where to find her.""What? Who? I though it was you, Sam. It looked exactly like you..." I said, startled. "Oh no. That was the proof that he was looking for Luna. We need to keep an eye on her twentyfour hours a day, seven days a week(24/7)." Ethan said to James and Sam. "What? Who's looking for me? Guys, I'm standing right here." I said, trying to catch their attention. Finally, James spoke to me: "Luna, the boy outside your window was..."
  19. Cliffhanger. Look, I'm sorry, I hate this things too. I really, really hate them. But it has to be one, right? And sorry it was so long, I only realized it when I was writting "question" 13, I think. Anyway, Check pt 2, it'll be out soon!(Doesn't affect results)

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