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  • You took such a long time i seriously forgot how the guys look like, i'm serious i really can't remember on the next part can you put their descriptions on the paragraph thingy. If you were'nt going to make Sean a result why did you make him so damn hot *sigh* I'm going to kill Artemis and the king, i'll torture them

  • I haven't taken this series in sooooo long that I completely forgot what has happened. I had to look at previous quizzes to figure it out! Please try to make the next one sooner! :)

    elf maiden
  • Awesome! And I love the ninja food comments then at the end its like 'what is that any way?' and its just 'are you crazy? Its instant noodles, duh. Who wouldnt know that'......


  • OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW! Argh, I can almost feel the torture while reading it >.> O.O

    The king is SOOOOOO DEAD when Elijah, Jon, Jacob, Kail and Jasper find me... I hope it's soon >.>

    Poor Sean. Yes, I know it's his fault I'm being tortured, but the poor guy didn't know his dad plans to kill him too D:


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