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This quiz once again took a while to come out because my computer has broken.I am using my cousins computer,the only other one.She only lets me use it twice a week,so it took me a while to write this.

I am still sorry for the delay.I am proud to say,that the akita that your have in the story now has a name!The most voted name by one is Dew by Xx 3mo_Star xX.My next quiz will be in first person.As in,'I thought that I was hearing things.It was only Kail's laughter peeling from downstairs.I smiled.'

Created by: KaliaRox

  1. "Welcome.You must be _____."A deep voice says from behind you.The hairs on your neck stand up.You've heard this voice before.You turn around.Your eyes widen as you see who it was.It was the demon from your dream.It has a ripped up black cloak,with holes,and tears in most of the fabric.It's skin was all cracked,the color was a deep red.You could see that it had blood dripping from it's nails.It's teeth were pointy,and yellow brown.Even from where you were standing,a good 9 feet from it,you could smell it's terrible breath.But the scariest part was it's eyes.The fact was,it had now eyes.Just black sockets.Two empty black holes.Around where it's eyes would be,was painted black.You can't help but stare.It,who you suspect is a he because of how low his voice is,looks so out of place in this beautiful field.You're speechless."I'll take that as a yes.I must speak with you.Follow me."You slowly nod,frightened that if you said something wrong,he'd kill you.He starts walking,and you follow him silently.After about seven minutes of awkard silence,you decide to break the ice."So....what's your name?"You ask."Yell."He says flatly."What's your last name Yell?"You ask trying to be somewhat cheerful."Payne."He says with amusement in his voice.Yell Payne.Yell Pain.Well,it seemed to fit him.You shut your mouth for the rest of the walk.You both finally arrive at a spot in the field.The ground was cracked,a red color.Not as dark as Yell's skin though.There was no grass or flowers there.It seemed like this part of the field couldn't even sustain life.It looked like the ideal place for a person like Yell to live.He sits down on the ground,and pats a spot next to him,gesturing for you to sit.You cautiously sit."What do you know about Jasper so far _____?"You stop to think."Well,so far I know that he is the Prince of Yimir.He has an evil father.And I know some other things,that I just don't wanna say..."You say twidling your thumbs because you couldn't come up with something else."So basically,you only know that he's evil.As a follow up question to that,do you like him."You stop thinking all together.You don't really know the answer to that.The last time you saw Jasper,he was being really sweet."I...I don't know."You say giving up.He nods."Just ponder that.You may go,I can hear somebody calling you."He says standing up.He offers you a hand to help you up,but,knowing that it's stained with blood,you refuse.You give him a half smile as a thanks as you stand up.Straining your ears to hear,you do in fact hear someone calling your name in the distance."Just watch out.And be careful with that necklace.It seems a little suspicious."You hear Yell say from behind you.You turn to respond,but he's already gone.You continue walking toward the sound of your name being called.While your walking,your mind is clouded with even more thoughts and questions than before.Like,How much do you really know about Jasper?What should you think of your necklace now that Yell has warned you about it too?But,the newest and loudest question crossing your mind was,Where is the music coming from?"_____."You hear a voice behind you say.You instantly recognize the voice.You spin around to see Jasper standing behind you.Your eyes widen.Instead of his usual punk/skater/scene get up(or whatever you picture him wearing),He's wearing a hawaiian flower shirt(like surfer dudes,and tourists are known to wear.)and some shorts.He doesn't seem to notice you staring at his outfit as he quickly closes the distance between the two of you,giving you a big hug.
  2. Once he releases you,he notices you staring at his outfit."Oh,umm all of my other clothes are being washed.One of my guards got kind of angry with my father,and decided to protest against him by throwing all of my clothes in a pile of mud."You raise an eyebrow,but laugh.Only then did you notice that the singing had stopped."I know.A pretty weird way to protest,right?"He says giving you a genuine smile.You notice his eyes flash toward your necklace.You see them fill with relief."Well,since we're both here,why don't we relax together?It's a beautiful field after all."He says gesturing all around the both of you."Wait,were you the one calling my name?"You ask him.He nods.Then another thought crosses your mind.Your hand flies toward the necklace he gave you."Is this a tracking device?"You ask.Jasper looks hurt.As if it pained him to think that you would even think that he would do that."No."He says firmly."It does something."You say frustrated."The guys want me to get rid of it.What does it do Jasper."You ask earnestly."Well,if you must know,whenever I sing something,it sends the sound to you.If there was ever any mysterious singing playing,it would be me singing to you.Letting you know that i'm here.I thought that you would've already figured that out."He said chuckling softly."For example.Watch this."He walks maybe 7 yards away.From your necklace,you hear a singsongy voice say"Now do you see what I mean?"Then he walks back to you.At a loss for words,because this solves the music problem that's caused some much trouble and tension between you and everyone else at home,you just say "You are a really good singer."Well you weren't lying."Thanks."He says softly.Jasper's eyes dart behind you.He grabs your arm and thrusts you behind him."What are you doing here?"He hisses.You can't see who he's speaking to because Jasper's back is in the way.You take a step to the side so you can peer past his shoulder to see who it is clearly.It's a new person that you haven't met before.He seems about your age,maybe a year older.You had to admit it,this guy was hot.He has black hair that was neatly spiked up in a way that made him even more attractive.It simply defined him.He was wearing black jeans with a white T-shirt that was practically showing his abs.He was weating black vans as well.Not good for running.He saw you staring,and smirked.He was wearing black sunglasses.He took them off to reveal vibrant blue eyes."Is this the girl that's been causing our father so much trouble?"He said,his voice deep.Wait,did he just say 'our father'?"Jasper,who's that?Do you know him?"You ask."That's Sean,He's-""I'm his older brother."Sean cuts in."I'm the one that should become the king.but isn't.""That's because you were sent to jail!You've been there seven times the past 5 months!You've lost your chance at the crown.You just can't accept it."Jasper says.You could hear the words he spoke spitting acid toward Sean."What are you doing here anyway?"He asks not daring to stop the glare he was sending to Sean."I'm here for the girl.Father said he wants her out of the picture."He stops to crack his knuckles threateningly."He says that if I fullfill his wish,I can have the crown.What a shame though,she's pretty.Oh well."You blink.You didn't ask anyone to be here.You wanted your old life.
  3. Jasper's eyes widen."Touch her,and die."He rages,his voice deadly.His hair is purposely in front of his eyes.When he looks back up,his usual lightish black eyes looked botttomless,darker that obsidian.His hands curl into fists.In one fluid motion,he uncurls them,brings them up,and shoots a pitch black fire out of his hand.The black fire envelops Sean's body.For a second,you thought he was dead.Just for a second though.He walks out of the fire as if nothing happened.Sean shakes his head.He flashes a dreamy smile.Remember,you tell yourself.He's evil.You like _____(enter guy you likes name)anyway.Sean put's out the fire with a whitish water coming from his hands.Wait,White water?Black fire?What the heck?Sean snaps his head toward you,and speeds off towards you pulling his fist back.He's about to punch you square on the face.He almost reaches his mark when Jasper steps in front of you,taking the blow straight on his own face.You expected him to fly back from Sean's power,but to your horror,his head jerks back.His lip starts bleeding.Let me say this.If that hit you,you'd probably have a concussion,or some pretty fatal damage.Slowly,Jasper's hand comes up to his lip,and he wipes the blood onto his finger.He seems to be thinking the same thing.He looks at Sean,and cracks his head.The look he gives him sends shivers up your spine.Attack.That's what the look says Jasper's going to do.Before you knew it,he lunges at his brother,and they are on the ground,fighting.You're just standing there,not knowing what to do,frozen in place.Jasper seems to be winning at this point of the fight.While in the midst of thinking,a hand presses fiercly against your mouth,keeping you from making a sound.Another hand covers your eyes.Two more hands grabs both of your wrists,keeping you from fighting back.You're slowly pulled back,not being able to make a sound.Nobody noticing you being kidnapped by who knows who.After about 3 minutes,you feel a someone put a bag around you.Then you're slung over someone's hard,bony shoulder that's digging into your gut.Looks like you're never going to see which brother would win that seems like fatal fight.Instead of somebody giving you some type of medicine to fall into unconsiousness,you found somebody putting a gauze in your mouth so you couldn't speak or yell,and putting a blindfold over your eyes.Although you didn't see the point,you were in a bag.What would you see?The person carrying you enters some type of vehicle,and speeds off,along with you.
  4. *Jasper's P.O.V* After about five minutes in the fight,I was surprised that I only had a bloody lip,and a sprained wrist.Can't say the same for Sean though.He had what looked like a bloody lip,black eye,broken wrist,and a bloody nose.My injuries would heal in three day tops.His,maybe two weeks.I almost felt bad for him,had he not been trying to murder _____.Wait,where is she?I feel concern and worry build up in my chest.ean stands up with some difficulty.If he was in any pain,he wasn't showing it.But you could see the injuries he had.He didn't want to make himself look weak.He snaps his finger.Out of nowhere,a healer comes.You can tell it's one,because healers all have the same blue diamond marks on the back of their left hand.He steps forward,and takes a good look at Sean.He shakes his head dissaprovingly."No,no,no hun.This isn't good.Not acceptable.I'll heal you up.Just a warning,this'll feel like being crushed under a tree.But you'll feel a thousand times better afterward.I can heal everything but the bloody lip.Those small things waste my power."Sean looks slightly annoyed.I can't help but chuckle.The healer steps by Sean's side,and raises his diamond hand up and Sean is hidden in blue dust.A scream pierces the air,and I laugh even harder.Serves him right.The shroud of blue that was around him dissappears,and Sean is standing there perfectly fine except the bloody lip,which seems to be annoying him because he's giving glares to the healer and mumbling about how weak he was.The healer than leaves with an annoyed look on his face.I smirked."Shut up.This was just a distraction anyway.While we were busy fighting,_____ was taken away by some of my men.Better luck next time smart one."He pauses for a moment."Oh yeah,there won't be a next time!_____'s finished.Well,I gotta go,my ride is here."As he said this,a ladder fell down beside him leading to a helicopter flying overhead.Like all evil villains do at one point in their little evil lives,he climbs up a couple steps of the ladder,and as it drifts away,he laughs evilly.I run toward his direction."COME BACK HERE YOU COWARD!YOU (Insert choice word here)!"I stop,when the thought of _____ comes to mind.I look around me.Is _____ really gone!No!She can't be!I spent a good hour and a half searching across the vast springtime field,looking high and low.I didn't find a trace of her.I knew what I had to do.And I didn't like it one bit.I pulled out my phone."Hello Operator?"*End of Jasper's P.O.V*
  5. *Back to your P.O.V*The vehicle finally comes to a stop after what seems like three grueling hours of boredom,wonder,and fear.It was really just fourty-five minutes though.Someone lugs you out,and they "accidently"drop you,and you hit the hard rocky ground hard.The bag is removed,and you understand why they put the blindfold on you.Now you can't see anything.Someone behind you ties up your wrists very tightly,rendering your hands and arms useless."Hurry up!"Somebody growls and kicks you forward.You had a coupl choice words for this guy that you would have been happy to say,not the gauze have been in your mouth."If you think that hurts,just wait 'till you meet the boss."He says again,voice sounding snotty as ever.'Oh Great.Where am I?'You think.*Kail's P.O.V*The phone rings.I jump to get it,along with all the other guys.Even Dew(your dog) seems startled and makes his way quickly by my feet to the phone.I reach the phone first.The other guys groan,wanting to talk to _____ if it was her.My heart was pounding._____'s been gone for over three hours.Elijah couldn't get ahold of her for some odd reason.I was genuinly scared,worried,and concerned.The other guys return to their spots on the living room couch,anxiously awaiting news.The bad thing about delivering news,is that if it's bad,they automatically blame it on you.Besides,no one was in the mood for bad news right now."_____?!"I almost yell into the phone,my voice on the verge of cracking from pressure."No,"A male voice says,and by the tone of his voice,you can tell he's frustrated.His voice sounds familiar though."This isn't _____,however,it is about her."My eyes widen.I knew this voice."JASPER?!"I yell.It's his voice.The only thing different,was that his voice was full of worry and frustration,with a mixture of fear.The guys hear me from where they're sitting in the living room."You're joking!It's not funny to joke at a time like this Kail,it's just cruel.Who is it really."Jon's voice booms from his spot."Don't worry,I bet it's _____ telling us she's coming back.You're just trying to make us angry,right Kail?"Elijah said with uncertancy in his voice."You're lying Kail!"Jacob says.Silence.Why do they have to think that i'm always joking?It hurts to think that non of my friends believe me.And why would I joke around about _____?"No.I'm not lying.I don't joke all the time like you think I do.And right now,i'm not joking.Why would I joke about something so important to all of us?"The answer I get was an awkward silence,until footsteps could be heard coming from the living room,to where I was standing.I look up,and see three sets of eyes looking back at me.One dark blue,one ligt blue,and one grey.They were looking back at me,willing me to go on with this important conversation."Continue."I say to Jasper,who had heard my conversation with the guys.I could hear his sympathy for me through a moment of unanswered silence.I didn't like it one bit."I met _____ just now in a field.Oh,by the way,that necklace wasn't a tracking device.It plays music.Then my brother came.My father told him to take care of any girl that I liked,so I wouldn't inherit his crown from him.Me and my brother got in a fight because I was trying to defend _____,and while I was beating him up,one of his people got _____ while I was distracted."My eyes widen.My jaw drops.My heart stopped beating for a moment.I look up to see if Jacob,Elijah,or Jon had heard any of that conversation,but I was answered with anxious blank stares.I told them carefully what he said.Reaction was not good.They seemed to do the same thing I did.Panic inside,and have it show on the outside.All except Elijah,who had no emotion shown on his face.I knew him well enough to know that he was freaking out just as much as we were.He just mastered the art of hiding emotions."What do you want."I asked."I want your help."Jasper replies.
  6. *Back to your P.O.V*Your feet feel like they might fall off."How long have we been walking?"You want to say."We're here."The same snotty voice calls out.You feel the ground under change from hills of dirt,grass,and rocks,to cement.You trip up some steps,and yet again,the ground changes from cement to what feels like marble.Not having to strain your legs from walking up hills,and tripping over rocks,you continue walking forward along with the kidnappers.A minute later you bump into one of the men,who halted."Watch where your going!"He snarls.You feel something slash your arm.You blink back tears,and hold back a scream."Remove the blindfold."A new voice says.You feel a rough hand hurridly unties the blindfold.Your vision adjusts to a dimly lit room.You see one wooden medival looking door with little bars.A bald smelly short man opens the door."Get in there!"He snarls at you.So this was the snotty guy.You would've laughed,seeing why he was so rude all the time.He sees that expression in your eyes,and kicks your back,tripping you forward into the dungeon."Ungrateful (insert choice word here)."He mutters walking away with a couple of tall burly looking men.One of them stays behind,and closes and locks your dungeon door.You really wanted to get your hands free from the rope they were tied in.You know the moment when you feel trapped,and claustrophobic,and have a freak out attack?This was exactly like one of those moments.Your breathing increases to ragged heaves of your lungs.After several minutes go by,your heart rate and breathing slow down when a comforting thought appears in your head.You're remembering home.Not home with mom and dad,but with the guys.Another thought occurs to you.'Why don't I just shrink?'You clear your mind of all thoughts.You focus,and.......nothing.The second time your try,ends up exactly like the first time.You frown,frustrated.'One more time....'You think.You know that saying,'Third time's the charm'?Nope.Nothing at all."That won't work here."A female voice says,making you jump a bit.Looking for the voice,leads you to one of the dark corners of the dungeon.There,there is just enough light for you to see a dark figure chained to the wall.She's pretty beaten up,with cuts and bruises.Maybe in her mid-thirties.Blonde hair,brown eyes.You look at her confused."Come over here."She urges you.
  7. You obediantly stand up with trouble since your can't use your hands,and walk over to the lady.You blush though,when you realize that she just saw your freak attack.Once you get up to her,she looks you up and down,studying you.You feel sort of uncomfortable,having this stranger stare at you like this."You must be here because of one of the boys.I can tell,because you look to young and innocent to have broken one of their father's rules.Here,put your face near my right hand.Then you must turn around,so I can take out that gauze."You do as your told once again.You feel a tug on the gauze as she single handedly unties the gauze in your mouth.You spit it out gratefully."Thanks.That thing was starting to take a toll on my sanity.Along with these."You say turning around and lifting your tied hands up."Yeah,I already saw how it affected you."The woman says chuckling slightly."Anyway,why are you here?"You ask her."Well,my name is Sarah.I was here for breaking the law of stealing.I stole some bread from a market to feed me and my family.Unluckily,I got caught,and sent here.For some odd reason though,they think that I am part of something else,a rebel group who is defying the kingdom.This is the torture dungeon."You widen your eyes in horror.Rebel group?Does that mean you and the guys?No.Has to be something else.Torture dungeon?"We get tortured here?"You ask."No,but this is where they keep the people they will be torturing.I've been sent into the torture chamber several times to be questioned.I know nothing of anything they are talking about.All I want to do is go home to my family.I miss them so much."She explains.You can hear the sadness in her voice,as tears start to well up in her eyes."What are your kids names?"You ask softly."There names are Jessica,Tommy,Rick,Fletcher, Austin,and Jon."She said,smiling as if just saying the names flooded her with memories of good times.Jon?Was that your Jon?No,it can't be."That's a lot of kids.Why do you still have all six kids,when there is a population law going around that all third and additional kids of a family besides the first two born are killed?And also,why is all of the magic world for the evil king like a renaissance?Castle's,little villages?"You ask confused."We hid for the time being.My husband and the kids and I.We moved to a quant valley,and waited until we heard good news.As for the renaissance part,the evil king believes that these ways were the best of all.Castle's,villages and everything.I hear that he is angered with his son Jasper for many things.One is of how much he is part of the 21st century.The clothes he wears,how he talks,everything.Enough about me and this evil kingdom.Why are you here?"She asks,snapping out of those memories from her past.You are just dazed at what she said about Jasper.You open your mouth to answer,but the dungeon door opens."_____ ____."A voice calls out.Sarah's eyes widen.A man comes and grabs you by the arms."You're _____ ____?"She asks as your dragged away.The last word you hear from her is "Jon..".
  8. Once you get past the dungeon door,you start kicking and screaming at this guy to let you go."Shut your mouth!And will you stop screaming!"He says annoyed.His one of the big burly men you saw before."At least tell me where you're taking me."You say giving acquiescence after several minutes filled with you screaming going nowhere."Your going to be tortured.That make you feel better?"He says and smirks at you.You answer him with more shrieks and screams,knowing that it would eventually wear him down."I wonder what the king would think if I brought you to him to be tortured with a broken arm."He says looking at you mischievously.Your eyes widen,and you shut your mouth."That's more like it."He says looking pleased with himself.The silence lasts up until you reach a horrid looking room."What's your name?"You ask trembling a bit.You were just curious,but also scared."Oh.My naame is Jakotan.Jakotan Pian.Going to reccommend me to the king as your executioner?"He asks you,and the chuckles at your terrified reaction.He opens the door to the room,and drops you on the floor.He immediatly exits.This room seems to have scared him.You looked around,and you could see why.Almost ever shelf on the walls was covered with a mass death weapon.This really was a torture room."Stand up _____."A voice booms.You look up,and see a man.There are several other men in the room."I said stand up!"He yells again.This time he kicks you in the gut.You groan,and look at him.You spit on the ground next to his feet.The men around you look terrified."She just spat at the kings feet!"And,"She is going to die a long,painful,death."And many other senteces filled the air.Oh crap.The king?You slowly look up straight into the kings judging eyes.The look he was giving you said it all.What the last guy said,was probably true."Bring me my knife."He says to the man closest to him."Which one your highness?The big thich one,or the long,swift,and sharp one?"The man asks him,not knowing that every word he said made you cower a bit inside."Surprise me."You see him say.You gulp.The man immediatly runs to a closet,and pulls out the long,swift,and pointy knife."Aaah,good choice Ricardo."He says.The king takes a step closer to you,and runs the blade against your arm,creating a deep gash.You curse under your breath and wince from the pain.
  9. He takes a step back,satisfied with the amount of blood you lost from that one slash.He kneels down next to you,and creates a couple more gashes.This time though,on your other arm."Artemis.I think you can take over for the moment.I'll be back in a minute.Don't hurt her to much.I'm going to use her as an example in front of the kingdom.I will kill her along with my son Sean,to teach a lesson to all my subjects,not to steal my crown.Maybe you should use the iron right now?Yes yes,do that.Well,i'll be back."He says and exits.The guy who must've been Artemis steps forward.With a burning brand in his hand,he pulls back the short sleeve on one of your shorts,revealing your shoulder.You cringe and shriek as the buring piece of metal makes contact with your skin.It stays there for a good two minutes,each second becoming worse than the last,until he finally removed the iron,and put it back in the fireplace.You glance at your shoulder.Left behind was a mark,It was a circle with a sword and arrow through it.At the look on your face,Artemis grins,obviously pleased with himself.He takes the iron again,now freshly burned,and once more plants it right on your shoulder,just below the last one.You scream even louder,as this one was way hotter than the last,and it felt like two hundred drops of burning hot oil was shot at your skin.You bite your lip to stop from screaming anymore,not wanting to let them enjoy this.Just then,the king returns,with a blade sharpener.He sits down in front of you,and slowly,runs the already sharp enough knife against it.He sharpens it to a point where if he just lightly touched your arm with it,and moved it down,it would create an open wound.He slowly,raises it to your face,and creates a small,cut on your right cheek.The blood dripping down to your chin,made you feel sick.He was about to repeat the process when a door flew open."Having fun are you father?"A voice says.
  10. Which guy do you like so far?By the way,dog name contest winner is Xx 3mo_Star xX with the name Dew.She recieved 3 votes.Akira recieved 2 votes,and Shadow recieved 2 votes.Puppies name is Dew!

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