Magic Enchanting Love P6 CAME OUT

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Okay this is about my newest quiz series.I am also the author of Which guy is your dream guy,so please take that too!I was not very good at writing so it's

kinda short for that series,up until like quiz 14 or 15.There is 19 parts,so please take it!Thank you!You guys are so awesome!Thanks!See ya later pals!

Created by: KaliaRox

  1. Okay,this is KaliaRox.I'm sorry,but last night,i posted the 6th addition to my quiz series 'Magic Enchanting Love'.It did NOT show up on the newest quizzez list.
  2. But,if you go to the link,where you click my name,and all my quizzez show up,you can take it there.
  3. I'm so sorry that it took so long to post the new quiz,but as you will read in the introducing 150 words thing that is IMPORTANT,my dumb teacher gave us a stupid essay that took all of my time.
  4. Please forgive me!
  5. Okay,as a result for taking to long,i started and finished my quiz in the last 50 hours.I made it extra long with as much detail as i could.
  6. Okay,I have run out of questions.
  7. Sorry!
  8. ...............
  9. ................
  10. Okay,thank you guys so much!

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