Mafia 2 character are you?

you've heard of it , played the demo , and/or bought the game mafia 2 what whick character do you think you are , 15 questions ,lets see how we go ...

do you think you are cheif of barbaro incorparated , the old pervy lady at the diner or the pantiagonist vito scaletta , find out now in this 15 question quiz....

Created by: Vito scaletta (LOL)
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. First off where do you work
  2. are you an eccentric?
  3. your car (40's period)
  4. favorite food
  5. drink
  6. your car 50's period
  7. favorite radio station
  8. fovorite weapon (handgun)
  9. favorite weapon (lobbing)
  10. win any medals
  11. havorite weapon (rifle)
  12. favorite weapon (smg)
  13. enjoy my quiz (2 have an effect)
  14. rate my quiz (no offect)

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Quiz topic: Mafia 2 character am I?