Which of the five dons from the godfather are you?

The Godfather movie was one of the best movies of all time. It involved the five families of New york on the brink of a mafia war. But with the wisdom and power of Don Corleone the war was ended quickly with several organized hits

Which of the five New York Dons are You most like? Is your Family the most Powerful in the city? Or Is your family just barely surviving? With this quiz you will find out which Don you would be.

Created by: dags

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  1. Do you get in fights with others?
  2. If given a fifty fifty deal would you go into narchotics?
  3. What is your favorite buisness among the following
  4. You are thinking of passing down your rank as don you give it to
  5. You have the opportunity to extort one of the following buisnesses which would you choose
  6. A Police officer who is on your payroll is thinking of ratting on you so you
  7. You learn that one of your men is betraying you and giving information to other families so you
  8. Another Don has declared war on you what do you do
  9. A meeting of all the Dons has been called you
  10. One of your top men has been killed by another don you

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Quiz topic: Which of the five dons from the godfather am I?