Which godfather are you?

Find out which Godfather you are: are you vito, sonny, or michael. This quiz will tell you. If you love the godfather movies, this is the quiz for you. In life you have to know how to do business, and you have to know how to do it well. This quiz will help you figure out your style.

Vito is the best one to be, and michael is the second best. Sonny is last. If you are vito, congrats, you are going to do great. If you are michael, you will do well, although you will hit some definite bumps along the way to success. If you are sonny, you could end up shot, jailed, or homeless.

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You're playing ping pong with someone and it's they need one point to win. They get the point, but you say it was a fault. As a result, you...
Explain in the most intelligent way possible why it was a fault
Flip the table over and throw your paddle at your opponent
State your case while glaring coldly at your opponent
While at dinner, you and your brother reach for the last roll. You grab it at the same time. You...
Explain that you're very hungry and that you will make it up to him
Rip it away from him
Tell him there will be consequences if you don't get your roll
You spot your sister's boyfriend with another girl. You...
Tell your sister about it and let her form her own opinion
Jump to conclusions and run over and pick a fight
Do nothing at first, but plot a devastating way to get back at him
You want to watch tv but your parents say you have to do something else. You...
state your case politely and intelligently, so you will get wut u want
flip out and stomp away
do the chore in a way that will make the house look much worse
You're at school at lunch and someone confronts you, picking a fight. You...
Tel him it would be best for his sake to back away
Hit him over the head with a lunch tray
Summon your friends to corner him and fight him
You are at a basketball game and the ref makes a questionable call. You...
Do nothing, he won't change his mind
Run out onto the court and scream at him
Plot away to get back at him at the end of the game
Your friend and you have the same class, but you have it the day before he does. You take a quiz and get a perfect score. You...
Give the answers to your friend for free
Tell him to do it himself
Sell your friend the answers
You're asked to watch your little cousin for awhile while your aunt goes to the store, but your friend wants you to play ball. You...
babysit now, and play later
Lock the kid in the playpen and go play ball
Ask for money from your aunt for watching your cousin, then bring him with you to play ball
You have a choice between going to a movie you want to see with a kid you don't like and seeing a crappy movie with your best friend. You...
H'es your best friend so you go with him
tell your best friend if he doesn't come with you to the good movie, he's not your friend anymore
A good movie's a good movie, you go with the kid you don't like and ignore him
You have to work till 10, but u want to go to a party that starts at nine
Work. It's the responsible thing to do
Screw work and go party
Work, but steal some cash from the register and pin it on your coworker

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