Which of the godfather's sons are you?

Don Vito Corleone has four sons who appear in the great masterpiece of cinema, "The godfather". These sons are Michael, Sonny, Tom and Fredo. Each has his own features, and indeed they are pictured great.

But which one is closest to you judged by personality? Take this quiz and you'll find out. Remember you are going to be a gangster, so don't care about your ligall self.

Created by: Nazifpour
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Some one is making troubles. You...
  2. What is the situation of you IQ?
  3. How is your sex life?
  4. How much of a drinker are you?
  5. How much authority you have?
  6. Do people call you crazy?
  7. What way you prefere to solve foriegn relationship problems?
  8. How do you find killing people?
  9. What about your sense of duty?
  10. How much logicall you are?

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Quiz topic: Which of the godfather's sons am I?