Macbeth Personality Quiz

There are people who are ruthless by nature, there are people who become ruthless with time, and then there are people who could not become ruthless even if you held a sword to their neck...

Which one are you? Do you have what it takes to lie, cheat, murder, and steal? Or are you virtuous, and will always fight for good no matter what it takes?

Created by: Eleanor
  1. How would you like to be remembered?
  2. You enter a history museum. Where do you go first?
  3. You lose an important competition and get second place. What is your reaction?
  4. What fabric appeals to you the most?
  5. How would you react to the death of a loved one?
  6. You are at a crossroads. Where do you go?
  7. What would you find the hardest to overcome?
  8. What is your dream pet?
  9. You are told that you will shortly become ruler. What do you do?
  10. What would your dream house be?
  11. An army is advancing and about to invade your castle. They are carrying flaming torches and look ready to kill. You only have time to grab three items: a bloodstained sword, passed down through generations in your family; a rack of vials filled with mysterious liquids, one of which is labelled "cure"; and a box filled with sparkling diamond jewels. In which order would you save these items?

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