Lyrics quiz :):):)

Listening to music is nice, it makes you happy and calm. The words in a song are special and mean something. Sometimes they are also very hard to hear and remember.

How good are you at remembering lyrics? Do you pay attention to songs or just hear them? The songs in this quiz are Wake me up Inside, Lights, The Writer, Burn, Guns and Horses, Lego House, Perfect Two, Daydreamer, Trouble, Just Give me a Reason, Chinese, Pompeii, Halo, Read All About it Part III and Who You Are. Good luck!

Created by: Ninja Addy
  1. Wake Me Up Inside - Evanescence "Wake me up inside Wake me up inside Call my name and _________"
  2. Daydreamer Adele "Daydreamer Sitting on ______"
  3. Lights Ellie Goulding "I had a way then Losing it all on my own I had a ________ then"
  4. Guns and horses Ellie Goulding "Let's ____ words."
  5. Lego House Ed Sheeran "And it's dark in a cold _______"
  6. Chinese Lily Allen "And we'll get a Chinese And _________"
  7. The Writer Ellie Goulding "You wait for a silence I wait for a word Lie next to your frame Girl _______"
  8. Halo Beyoncé "Remember those _______ Well baby they are tumbling down."
  9. Read all About it Part III Emeli Sandé "Let's get the TV and the radio They'll play our tune again It's about time we got some airplay On _______"
  10. The Perfect Two Auburn "You can the sweet tooth And I can be the _____"
  11. Trouble Taylor Swift "Pretends he doesn't know That he's the reason why __________"
  12. Pompeii Bastille "I was left ________"
  13. Who you are Jessie J "Seeing is ______ Dreaming is ----------"
  14. Just Give me a Reason P!nk "We're collecting dust But our love's enough You're holding it in You're ________"
  15. Burn Ellie Goulding "When the lights turned down, they dont know what they heard Strike the smash, play it loud, giving _____ to the world"

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