Lucky in Love part two

Hey! I hope you like this quiz series-it was my first one so don't be too hard, I'll get better! Ok, so summer just ended and right before you and your family went on vacation, your boyfriend broke up with you for your older sister! So, basically, you've had one of the worst summers ever. But, be ready for some guy-drama at school! Maybe, at the end, you'll find you're "Lucky in Love" Also, if you haven't taken Lucky in Love part 1, you should probably take it now. The last quiz ended with you being KNOCKED OUT!!!!

There are four guys-there might be more in future parts but for now there are only four. Matt-the new kid at school. Has long-ish black emo hair. Great smile. Really quiet and skateboards. Peter-brown flippy-hair, show-off. One of Matt's best friends. Really good at soccer. Alex-blonde-ish brown-ish short hair. Wears punk kinda clothes from pac sun and stuff like that. Goes through a LOT of girls. And Adam-AMAZING smile! blonde, short hair. wears a lot of abercrombie, really funny and nice. One of your best guy friends. Enjoy the Quiz! I'll come out with the next ones as soon as possible!

Created by: Emma =D

  1. You wake up and you see Matt freaking out over you! He has a worried look in his eyes and hes talking to another guy, IN FRENCH! He notices you woke up and says to the guy, "Your lucky shes ALIVE!" You notice your head REALLY hurts. This is what you get for not wearing a helmet! You grab the back of your head and touch something wet! Its blood! You try to relax and Matt says, "Can you get up?" You nod a yes and get up. He yells at the oher guy to grab everyones stuff-including yours-and you ask Matt what happened. "I'll explain later."
  2. He picks you up and carries you all the way to his house. He walks in and the three of you are greeted by his dog and two cats. He brings you to his room and lays you down on his bed. "You should rest. Ill be in the kitchen if you need anything." You sit there and are thinking:
  3. Your phone starts to vibrate in your back pocket and you answer, "Hello?" "___? Where are you?!" the voice asks. "O my god! Im SOOO sorry, Adam!" "It's ok...We can go to the movies another time...Well where are you?" he asks. "I'm at Matt's..." you say reluctantly. "Oh...Well, I don't wanna bother you then...bye, ____." The line goes dead.
  4. Thinking it was time to find out what happened before you got knocked out, you get up and walk to the kitchen. Matt's not there and neither is the other guy! You shrug and grab your stuff and head home when on the way home, a car pulls up to you and someone gets out!
  5. It's Peter. "Hey, ____!" He then takes the soccer ball in his hand and juggles it a few times on his knees (if you don't know what that means, its a soccer thing, not the "juggling" that clowns do) You say:
  6. You guys walk and talk for a bit then Peter says, "____, can I ask you something?" "Shoot," you say. "Do you wanna go to the movies with me Friday night?" Panic-y-ish, you accidently say sure! "Great!" he says and jogs off to his practice, You suddenly realize Fridays the night you're supposed to go the movies with Adam! Your thinking:
  7. you decide to hang out at the park to relax a bit. You go over to the swings and sit down, slowly swinging yourself when you see ALEX! He's fighting with his gf on the phone in his car (you know its his gf cuz thats like the only person he talks on the phone to cuz she can't text). He suddenly hangs up and opens the door, slams it shut with a huge bang, and heads over to the swings. You suddenly start to panic! Whats he doing?! "Hey..." he says looking down at the ground. "Hi...long time no talk..." you manage to say back. "I no...and all the time i haven't been talking to you...ive just gotten more depressed. I really *beep*ed up, didn't I...?" he says. "Kinda. But ive missed you too..." He looks up into your eyes and you two just sit there for what seems like hours. This is how it used to think. Then, he does something very unexpected! He comes closer, and closer and...he KISSES YOU! Then he whispers in your ear, "I broke up with her, we're done, for GOOD."
  8. Then, he gets up and walks away. You hear footsteps behind you and see Adam. He has a disappointed look on his face and hes trying really hard not to show it, but you know him better. You just look down and walk to the forest, its the only place you can really think. You walk along the stream for a while when you hear voices across the water. Just to be safe-you've gotten yourself in ENOUGH trouble today-you hide behind a bush and listen to the voices. "We HAVE to tell her!" the first one says. Its Matt. "Why do we HAVE to tell her?!" the other one replies. " know how I feel "˜bout her..." says Matt. "Yea, i do. But how will she love you back when she hears this?!" Ryan says, "She won't ever love a guy with YOUR kind of past! I mean, you..."
  10. OOPS! haha i need ONE more question!!!!! >:(

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