Love Story (part 2)

After having an exciting morning...then having lunch with two extrememly hot boys. But the mystery boy from earlier is still on your mind. Jeff Is being a jerk and you still think about that incident as you discuss bands and music with Bradley who obviously has an eye for you.

recap on the boys: Mystery boy-havent seen him Jeff-still being a prick Bradley-has his eye on you and it makes Jeff mad (HINT: thats y jeff is mad because you gave bradley attention and Jeff is extremely jealous)

Created by: heather sutton

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  1. The Mystery boy walks right up to you before you can react. He walks up and hands you a container of lip gloss...
  2. "ummm...thanks?" you say. "you dropped yours when we...ran into eachother this morning. It got stepped on and i didnt want your lips to be parched. SO, I bought you this one. I know its not the same shade as yours was but I think this color would look lovely on your mouth, well actually any color would but this is the one I chose. I apologize if this makes me look...strange-" you cut him off "OH no its a lovely shade. You didn't have to but it is very sweet of you. Thank you." you smile "My name is Cody. And yours is?" he grins "I'm ------, care to join us?" from behind you Bradley stiffens for a second and forces himself to relax. Cody seems to have seen it. "actually, I must return to prior obligations, but i do hope our paths cross again sometime" he kisses your hand, winks and leaves in silence.
  3. "well that was...interesting" Bradley coments looking slightly crestfallen. "yeah." you say feeling guilty. "He had a point though." "really what?" "that color would look really pretty on you" you blush and Bradley says, "I dont really know how to say this...but umm...would you like to come hang out on friday night? listen to some music? Play some video games?" "I'd love too" you reply. In your mind your thinking:
  4. "ok. awesome.Hey how about I'll pick you up on friday night at your house and then we can go pick up a pizza. My mom will be out of the house for most of the night. Dont worry my Dad will be home though"he chuckles at the look on your face. Clearly unable to decide Shocked and nervous from excited and hopeful. The bell rings and you two part because his class is on the other side of campus from where you are.
  5. you walk into math class and of course who should be in that class? The sexy Seductive Cody. You take a seat next to him and he whispers in your ear "I was hoping I'd see you again" you just smile and the teacher begins class. That period was wasted between you two passing notes and getting to know each other. He is sweet and caring. He says he has a rough side but guarentees that you'll never see it unless someone is bothering you. When the beell rings you are sad because you enjoy being this close to cody. but is it the same way you like being close to Bradley?
  6. Cody decides to walk you to your next class and thats when you two run into Jeff. He happens to be going to the same class as you but needs to run to get his book from his locker. He rushes by you and Cody. Shoving Cody in the process...almost as if its on purpose. You decide to act like you didnt see anything and as you turn to say by to Cody the look af anger on his face turns to a soft playful grin. "goodbye my dear." he winks and walks away succesfully tripping Jeff as Jeff turns the corner to rush back to the class room.
  7. You rush over to jeff to help him with his books. He says, "so hows the class slut" and you throw his book down and it hits a little too hard getting everybody's attention you think...
  8. you are so infuriated you scream at the top of your lungs, "I AM NOT A SLUT YOU JERK!! WHAT GIVES YOU A RIGHT TO CALL ME NAMES LIKE THAT!! YOU MAY THINK YOUR SO COOL BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE LOOKS AND THE GIRLS BUT REALLY YOU REALLY JUST NEED TO SHUT UP AND NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!!" you close by slaping him hard across the face. And then you turn and ignore the hundred staring kids and try to walk to the class room just to be steered to the office by the teacher.
  9. your sitting in a chair at the principles office. this is the first time you've ever been in this much trouble. You've got detention maybe 3 times but it was for stupid stuff. Ugh your so irritated. Your irritation increases when you see Bionca plop into the seat next to you. "I saw what happened. He's never going to say stuff about you again" "why? and why do you care?" "because i want to apologize about...what i did. It was wrong and I miss you." "awww really? I forgive you bionca" youtwo hug and you say "what did you do to jeff?" "hahaha I just had a few strong words with him...and he said something mean to me and i smashed his head into a locker" you laugh and then ask "is he OK?!" "yeah just a bruise" You 2 laugh and become freindly again even though you arent really sure you trust her. You get called into the principals office together. You get out of suspencion because you never do anything bad and this wasnt an awful thing. But you have detention all week. But Bionca gets suspended for a week for fighting. You feel responsible but she brushes it off saying that it don;t matter cuz she has you back.
  10. you walk and out side the office waits someone in a black --(faveorite band)-- hoodie and looks up when he hears the door. Who would it be but Bradley?
  11. uh oh looks like a cliff hanger =P

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