Love Sparks Part 1

Hey peeps:) I'm the creatop of the reason why I left you series and the confessions series!!!! Anyways I just wanna let you know that I also have school........

Work and I have A LOT of studying and homework. Like right now I'm supposed to finish typing my science thingy and its due tomarrow! So this stuff might not come till a little later so ya just a heads up!

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  2. You couldn't handle it anymore. The yelling,the abuse,and the screaming. Yes in fact you are in your room right now listing to your partents fighting and watching your mom getting abused. You decide to leave the house so you climb out the window and go to the park. Even though its 11:00 at night.
  3. You were walking to the park when you heard foot steps behind you. You turn around and saw no one. You turn back around and you black out.
  4. You woke up but you couldn't open your eye lids. It felt like someone super glued you eyelids shut. "Is ________ awakw yet?" Ask a voice. "Nope." "Now?" "Nope." "Noooow?" "Ya!" "Omg really?!? I'm so happy." "Nope." "Hmmh." You move over to the side and you felt someone touch your cheek. You slowly open your eyes and see 2 guys looking at you. You....
  5. I'm assuming you picked scream your head of and throw pillows so that's what you are gonna do. Sorry if you didn't. You scream and throw the pillows. The guys laugh. You then notice how hot they are!! The guy that's sitting next to your bed has brown ashy hair with green eyes. The other guy has blonde hair that covers one of his icy blue eyes. Greenie says "hi ______ sorry we didn't mean to scare you. I'm Devin and that's Noah. Noah smiles and you think 'how the f**k did I get here and how do they know my name. Omg I'm kidnapped by some hot stalkers!' You here Noah laugh and he looks at you. "Well ______you got here because we need to keep you safe and we blacked you out. No you are not kidnapped. We are not stalkers but I am hot. We know your name because we have watched you. Again we are NOT stalkers its our job." You stare at him blankley. "How did you-" "I read minds sweet cakes." You can't help but blush. "Well you see ______,we all have powers and we are to help the earth. You are one of the only one of our kind left." Says Devin. "So why am I here?" "Because you have the strongest powers." You look down and you look back up.
  6. "So what's my power?" "We are not sure but we know you have the strongest." Says Devin. "What's your power?" "I don't have a power. I'm a v ampire." He says. "Cool." You say. "Ya ______ I'm hungry too let's go downstares to eat." Say Noah. You glare at him ant he smiles. You follow the two guys downstarirs and you see two girls and two boys. One of the boys was in the far corner with hazel eyes,black emo hair and looks masculan. The other guy had brown hair with brown eyes. He was with one of the girls so you assumed he's dating her. "Hi ______ I'm Lauren! I'm so glad your ok!" Says the girl. She had blonde hair with brown eyes. "Hey ______ Jordyn but you can call me DJ for short." Says the guy that's with the girl. "And I'm Sydney and if you touch my man I will ruin your life." Says the girl sitting next to DJ. You look over at the last guy and he just walks away keeping a dinstance. "That's Derek. He kinda keeps to himself." Says Lauren. You take a seat inbeetwen Lauren and Noah. Devin gives you a plate and you start to eat.
  7. You eat and you all sit in the living room. You sit in bweeten Noah and Devin. Derek sits in the far corner. Sydney sits on DJs lap and Lauren sits next to DJ. "So ______as you know,I'm Devin and I am a vampire. Next" "I'm Noah and I read minds. Ya I know my smirks cute." You blush and Lauren rolls her eyes. "Well I'm Lauren and I can freeze stuff. I hope we can be bffs! Next." "My name is DJ and I can make force fields" "I'm Sydney and I can control emotions." She says glaring at you. "I'm Derek." He says and he walks away. "Don't mind him. He's a werewolf and he hates it." Says Devin.
  8. You walk around the manion and you run into Noah. "Hey cutie what ya doin?" "Walkin around. Wanna join?" "Is it date?" You blush and he starts walking around with. You he kept reading your mind and finally he broke loose. "Wanna go on a date?" You blink. "Sure." "Ok bye!!" He says and he walks away. You run into Sydney and she pushes you to the floor. "Oops sorry b***h!" She says. You hear a bell and that must mean lunch.
  9. You sit at the island thing next to Noah. Devin passes out chicken noodle soup to everyone. Noah was drinking it from the b owl when Lauren smirked at you. She freezed the soup! It was stuck to his lip and he looked like he was in pain. Derek comes and puts his hands on the bowl. It quickly went back to normal and it spilled all over Noah. He flips Lauren off and he take his shirt off. He has a rock hard body! Talk about 12 packs!!!!!! "________ face is up here!!" Says Noah. You blush and he walks out. Sydney says. "Well if ______ was never here, Noah wouldn't show off and this would nev er have happend!" That it. "OH SHUT UP SYDNEY!!!! AT LEAST I'M NOT A B***H LIKE YOU!!!! AND AT LEAST ALL THESE GUYS LIKE ME EXEPT 1!!!! AND AT LEAST I'M NOT A W***E,A S***T, A H*E, AND AT LEAST I GET GUYS BY NOT MESSING WITH MY EMOTIONS AND YOU KNOW WHAT??? SUCK ON IT B***H!!!!!! You yelled. You storned out with shocked faces and brushing past Noah.
  10. And the most suckest thing.......CLIFHANGER!!!!!!! Make sure you red top thing!!!!!

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