Love is true for you part 2

Hi and welcome t opart 2... I just noticed the title rhymes and I'm eating chocolate... I love kangaroo pigs just kidding may be so do you like chees I know I do

This has taken a while but I had tests so don't judge me b---- any who beach birds kitchen foil dramatic exit is so important to pet pigs and ducks bye

Created by: lovelifelive

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  1. You star to dream... You're in a blank white room and creepy music is being played in the background... The music stops and there is a sudden silence, then all of a sudden... A big monster/dragon appears and is ready to attack when you suddenly wake up... You look at the alarm clock and it reads 2:00am " I'm not gonna stay awake at this time" you think to yourself, so you clear your mind and continue to sleep till 7:30am.
  2. You wake up and do your personal hygiene tasks and get ready... you wear?
  3. On your way to school you run into Shane! "hi,Shane" you say "hi _____ would you like to walk to together" he says "sure... Why not" you two walk to school together holding hands and he walks you to your locker...
  4. "thnx for walking me Shane " you said " no problem... See you around.
  5. You grab your books and go to your class which is history and you catch up with Rachel to talk to her. " hi Rache, what's up" " nothin much, btw did u prepare 4 the history test" she said " ohhhh s---" you blurted. " well good luck" she chuckled and left to her seat in the class.
  6. The test was about to start when suddenly... The fire alarm rang at the last minute... You are both scared and glad... You all rushed out side in order and were all sent back home till the next day so you spent the day...
  7. [no urls]
  8. So you continue doing whatever until you realize it time for you curfew ( its 9:30 btw)
  9. You go to sleep and dream the same dream you had yesterday but when the monster attaks you are saved by...
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! (you: booooooooooo) oh shut up this cliff hanger ain't leavin sorry I took sooooooooooo long for a part sooooo short but I had tests so HIV me a break. Any who I'm having a CONTEST 4 the series im gonna start.... Here are the terms you give a discribtion of your dream guy and leave what day I was born at, for example 12,19,29 you know,... And Tashapower conidering you know me your question is what's my third favorite movie... And may the odds be ever in your favor (you: hunger games) you gotta love that movie........ Bye

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