A (VERY HARD) Chocolate Test

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Everyone thinks they know everything about Chocolate but there is os much more to it than you know, how it's made, where the ingreedients came from, who made it ect ect

When you're sat eating a Chocolate bar you don't really know what you're eating and/or how it was produced. With this quiz you can test your knowledge ;)

Created by: sammierox1997

  1. In Good quality Chocolate, a high percentage of which ingreedient is found?
  2. In the UK, what do we call semi-sweet chocolate?
  3. How should you melt chocolate?
  4. How should chocolate be stored?
  5. Where in Germany can you find the Chocolate Museum?
  6. Which country usually produces 40% of the world's cocoa?
  7. What is cocoa butter?
  8. Apart from Chocolate, what is the other main flavouring in Devil's Food Cake?
  9. What Essential mineral can be found in useful quantities in Chocolate?
  10. Choose the 1st Option for the +10%

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