love is in the air... part 3

*READ THESE FIRST* ok, so your name is lizzie and you go to degree high. you met two boys there and your met some more in the last quizes! if you didn't take the first few, do so before you take this 1 :)

the boys that you met/are going to meet: Ethan- a sweet character, charming, tall, has blue eyes and blonde hair, and obviously likes you. Josh- an emo-y type, strong and sensitive,has black hair and dark brown eyes and is medium height. Sam- a bad boy, cunning, yet sneaky, medium height (same as josh), red hair and blue eyes. Philip- very strange! A VAMPIRE! he has brown hair with a green highlight and color-changing eyes. Matt- outgoing, smiley type of guy, long-ish sandy-blonde hair, light blue eyes, and about as tall as you. Jacob- keeps to himself, quiet, doesnt like to get involved in things that arent adventures! has short dark dark brown hair green eyes, and is average height.

Created by: Sarah

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  1. see a dark shadow against the giant wall...
  2. "lizzie?" someone says. "w-who i-is it?" you say. "lizzie, its Josh!" "JOSH! am I glad to see you!" you say releived. he blushes a bit, then he says, "hold onto my hand." "why?" you say. "just hold on. TIGHT!" he says smiling, like he has a bad smile flu! you hold on, TIGHT (lol), and you see nothing, but your still conscious, and josh right next to you, and still has that amazing smile on his face. ;)
  3. a few seconds passed, then you saw light again. when you can see, you look around. "there you are josh! what took you so long?" says someone. "ethan?" you say swirling around. "you guys have a lot to explain to me." you say firmly. "i got caught up in traffic" says josh to ethan. "ha ha. now find the keys josh. lizzie, help me work on these bars while he's gone." directs ethan. josh leaves, and you pull out your pocket knife you keep with you, (just in case :)~) and saw on the bars.
  4. "whats going on, and how do you know eachother?" you ask ethan. "ok, lizzie. being honest with you, josh can, as you know, telleport, he is super strong, but he can't break through some things, for example, this, AND he can also control what his allies do." ethan explains. 'thats what happened before' you think. "also, I can, at the touch, heel other people, but depending on how bad it is, it might take a while. thats why I said 'if i could just reach you' before, and i can turn into some sorts of animals, for example, a dog, but i won't show you now. also, we suspect you might have something too. we don't know what it is, so we came to your school and planned to get you to come with us to our... 'hide-out' and try to figure out whats going on."
  5. 'SNAP!' you get one bar done! "yes!" you say out loud. ethan smiles. you smile back. you stop working on the bar for a minute. everything is silent and you are just staring at eachother...
  6. start to lean in... "GUYS! I found the keys!" whisper-yells josh from down the hall. 'rats!' you think to yourself as you start on the bar again. "cool!" you say. josh unlocks the door then holds onto both of your hands. "of to our place..." says josh smiling. "or so you think!" says a voice behind you. "sam!" murmurs ethan and josh. "oh yes, i knew this would happen. you are to powerful. ALL of you! i have a little surprise for you..." sam says and you hear loads of footsteps in the distance.......
  7. ethan and josh both pull out swords that you didnt notice they even had! the footsteps come out, and you see that they are... small? ok... "oh no..." says josh. "what, they're only tiny!" you say back. "lizzie, those are hilomiers!" josh says back. "hallomee whats?" you say. "hilomiers, they can change into anything!" replys ethan. just then, they all turn into giants! you ethan and josh start to fight them, but there are too many! they change into many different things while they are fighting, which makes it harder on ethan and josh. suddenly, there was a big flash of light, NOT sams light, and two figures apear. they start to kill most of them with ethan and josh, then ethan kills the last one! the figures disapear, along with the light, and in all of that, sam is gone. then you shout, "WHAT WAS THAT?!"
  8. "we'll explain later. now we have to go!" says josh. he grabs both of your hands again then takes of. few seconds later, you are in a house. well, kinda like a house. "maaaaatt, jaaacob," says josh. "wh-" you start to say, but then you see them. matt has long-ish dirty-blonde hair and light blue eyes. jacob has short dark dark brown hair and green eyes. "hey im matt." matt says as he walks up to you. jacob just looks at you, then walks away. 'whats his problem?' you think "heya im-" "lizzie. i know." inturrupts matt. don't worry, i'm not a mind reader like idiotic," that word he mumbles, "sam. i just know" he smiles. "ignore jacob, he can get a bit moody." whispered ethan. "alright." you relpy.
  9. matt goes to get a drink or something, and you just explore. its basicaly like a normal house. you find five bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and a living room. your about to give up, but when you close the door to the living room, you see another door. you creek open the door, and you see nothing. just pure darkness. 'i better get a flashlight' you think. you turn around, and bump straight into josh! (good thing hes super strong! lol) he turns around. "hey, whoops. ;)" he says. "sorry" you reply. you start to walk of, but you notice hes looking at you, painfully for some reason. you swirl around and say,"is everything ok?" "lizzie..." he starts to say then mouths something. "yes?" you say curiously. he pauses. then he pulls you close to him and kisses you on the lips!!
  10. when your done, he looks at you for a moment, then runs. "josh..." you whisper. then you turn around, and ethan is staring at you, obviously crushed! bad D: he runs too.
  11. "ethan!" you yell down the hall. no reply. *sigh* you walk somewhere. you dont know where you are going, just SOMEwhere.
  12. then you remember, FLASHLIGHT! now, you just need to find it. hmm... you walk into the kitchen and notice, there are drawers EVERYwhere! you open 1, look through it, nothing, you do that for a while, then you have done 5 drawers out of, hmm... lets say a reasonable number of 100. you hear a footstep behind you. you swirl around, and no ones there. 'its all in my head.' you think 'all in my-' something puts a hand around your mouth and says "dont move, for your life!" 'OH NO!!'
  14. remember to commet, rate, and take part 4 when it comes out!
  15. - and sorry if the paragraphs were so LONG :3
  16. so... who do you like?

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