You and your Vampire Boyfriend part 3

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I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT!!! NOTICE: I am once again! EDITING MY QUIZ SERIES!!!! DONT FORGET!! The name you picked in part one..(only if your taking this quiz again) is now changed to ALEX!! Thanks! oh and the site down doesnt want to work so just type in the url i put there! one more thing! maybe two..but since i cant change the results..which sucks...just IGNORE the names you didnt hear in the quizzes yet! Thanks!

Created by: pkiera75

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  1. ATTENTION!!! PLEASE READ PARAGRAPH ONE!! Its an important announcement!! Thanks! :)
  2. you get to your door and open it slowly you see the guys head and you quickly open the door. you help him up then you notice another guy lying on the floor you ask him who is he? and he says he dont no. he said he was trying to shoot me but instead i just through a fist at em and he fell down and at the same time he through something at my head and he got me good. you now realize that he was bleeding in the middle of the forehead. you think he might of thrown one of the really BIG dictionaries that are or *cough* *cough* were put nicely in the hallway bookshelf!
  3. He also gives you a smile, a weak one but a smile and you notice that he is in pain. you put him up against the wall. and pause and look at him. "Who are you, exactly?" you ask "I am Blake." he says weakly. "Ohhh..." you say under your breath "i think i remember him" you think..but your not sure. you pull out your phone. you call Kory since your parents arent home. Kory picked up you explained everything and once you hung up the phone 2 minutes later him, some dude and Alex walk in. you ask y Alex came but they ignore you and start tying up the dude that was on the floor who is now in your room on the chair the guys question him and the dude is just standing there asking questions to while holding the gun to his head like he was going to bust his brains out if he didnt answer! (He is a little bad boy JIC you were wondering xD) he answered all of their questions but it gave them nothing they needed you thought it was good enough for you but guess it wasn't for shake your head.."Anywayz..who's this guy?" you ask "Oh! This is Josh!" Alex says....
  4. since you didnt say hello to the boys when they arrived. you did so when the cops leave and hug each one. you are now feeling a lil uncomfortable because now you have 4 boys in your room. it's like Alex new you were feeling uncomfortable cause he sat by you and start rubbing your shoulders to relax you and to get you out from being tensed up. it works and Blake, Kory and Josh stop their conversation and stares at the two of you. you realizes this and start to get up to go to the bathroom to get away from the awkwardness.
  5. You come out of the bathroom and the guys say they want to get something to eat they ask if you wanna come and of course you say yes. and they say that yous are going to a fancy restaurant. So you tell them to wait in the living room. you find a cute out fit what do you wear?
  6. you walk down the stairs with whatever you picked and the boys eyes look like their eyes popped out of their sockets! they each comment you Blake says, "You look--look very pretty ____!", Josh says, "Wow _____ your prettier than the prettiest thing in the world!" Kory says, "Wow, jus...WOW!" finally Alex says, "Your the most beautifulest girl i've met..." you blush at all their compliments and follow Kory, Josh and Alex out the door with Blake by your side.
  7. You get to Josh's Chevy Charger which is blood shot red! you get into the passenger seat while Alex, Kory and Blake are in the back. With you and Josh in the front. on the outside you didnt think yous could all fit but once in its really huge! Yous arrive at the restaurant and Kory,Alex and Blake get out. You were gonna get out but then Josh pulled you back in...... you ask him what he wants and waits till the guys go in to get the seats. he then says......CLIFFHANGER!! -me- haha :)
  8. Did you like it? (other than the cliffhanger?)
  9. Will you comment and rate!!??!!??
  10. PEACE!!

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Quiz topic: You and my Vampire Boyfriend part 3