Love in a beat! pt.15

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Comment what song this story fits. I'm just wondering what you think what song suits this story. Other than that I really don't care! Now stop reasing this!

Are you still reading this? I have no words to say so stop. Stop reading this! Go on now. Read the story! Go! Stop reading this! I said stop! OK fine. You can read this.

Created by: GirlyGothic
  1. Then I texted back,"Bye. Luv u 2." Then I hung up. Dr.Bing came into my room. He had a teddy bear in his hands. He said,"This is for you." I smiled.
  2. I knew who it came from. Jerry. I opened out my arms. Dr.Bing put the bear in my arms. I said,"Thanks." Then I hugged the bear. Then everything went pitch black again.
  3. The next morning I woke up. Dr.Bing was in the room. He said,"Hey. Meet your hospital room mate." Then I looked at my side. It was a girl with a broken leg. Then the nurse came in my room.
  4. She handed the broken-leg girl a pillow. I then got up. I walked down to the bathroom and came back out. I said,"Hi. My name is Raven. What's yours?" She said,"None of your business!" I said,"OK." Then went on my bed.
  5. Then it was time for surgery. Everything went pitch black. Like a starless and moonless night. Then I woke back up. I was in my normal clothes. Jerry ran up to me and hugged me.
  6. I hugged him back. I said,"I got the bear." He said,"That's good." Then he kissed my cheek. He said,"I don't want to let go." I said,"Me neither." We laughed and stopped hugging.
  7. Then I was wheeled to the car. I went in and leaned on Jerry's arm. He held me close. I said,"I love you." He said,"I love you to." Then everything went pitch black.
  8. I woke up in Jerry's bed. He said,"Hey. Are you still wondering about the thing I'm going to tell you?" I said,"Sort of." He kissed me. I kissed back. Then we stopped.
  9. He said,"Raven. I love you. I can't go a day without you. I wonder how I got with an angel. But I met one, wich is you. I love you. I love you so much. I love you so much that I will do ANYTHING for you." I said,"Same here."
  10. We went on his bed. We cuddled. Then we kissed. I couldn't stop. I didn't want to. Then we made out. Then we stop. He grabbed a brush and started to stroke my hair.
  11. I smiled and let him do it. Then he stopped. He kissed my head. I kissed his cheek. He said,"I love you." I said,"I love you to." Then he said,"I got to go." I grabbed his hand and said,"Nu. Don't leave me."
  12. I let go of his hand. But he didn't let go. I blushed then smiled. He smiled and took me with him. We went to a park. He put me on a swing and swung me. I smiled and let him do it.
  13. Cliff-hanger.

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