Love found at sea (Part 4)

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Hi! Part 4 is here! Hope you enjoy it and have a fun time! Part 5 will be out soon! I hope you like it!

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Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. You look at Richard and at the painting. "Whoah......freaky dajavoo...." You said. He looked at the painting. "What the heck is going on?" He said looking at the silver plate under the painting. You hold onto his arm. "Richard what do you think all of this is?" You say getting closer to him. "I don't know. But apperently he was part of the royal family." Richard said. "And he looks like you....." You look at his eyes and see that he is trying to find an explanation. "Maybe theres something in this study. Look through some books to see if you see any clues." He said. You nodded and you searched book to book and saw no clues about this kingdom or study. You pull this one book and hear a crack. You feel dust fall and look up. The ceiling is getting higher. Then there was three extra floors. There was latters and more book shelves. "Wow....." You breathed out. Richard walked to the desk and saw a small journal. It was hand written by the prince himself. He looked at the book and climbed to the third floor and pulled another book. A book shelf on the third floor moved and there was another book. It seemed evil. You looked at it. "Whats the entire point of all of this?" Richard said. You look at Richard. You kiss his cheek and said "Its okay" He looked at you and nodded. Well guess this other Richard was a prince and a book worm. Well I think his joournal and this book here will show a couple of important things. You looked at more books and found a couple on the history. "Heres the history for this kingdom." You say. He nods and you go down the latters with the books.
  2. You walk around the castle. You look at the different rooms and see another journal. Apperently it was the journal of a guy named Matthew. You looked around and see chess pieces set up in the middle of a game. You touched it. It was dusty. You walked out of the castle and see a small graveyard. You see a guy named Jacob's grave, Jake, Matthew, Richard, Cassidy, Mary, Queen Jasmine, King Kole. You look around some more. You walk out of the castle area and walk down a little river. The other caught up with you.
  3. Pip said "Richard told us about the castle." "Yeah thats freaky." Jarred said. You say nothing. "I think its time we get back to the ship." Richard said seeing your confused expression. You nodded and said "I'll be there in a second." Pip and Jarred left. Richard looked at you and said "Well I'm not going to leave you alone." You smile and hug him. He was kinda shocked that you did so. "I'm scared...." You say. He hugs you and said "I know.....its okay..." He reassurred you. You let go and go back to the ship. It got dark when you reached it. You go to sleep.
  4. You wake up and hear Taylor yell "STORM COMING OUR WAY!" You got up and helped the guys set the ship up for the storm. But it was just to broken and unfixable to do so. The storm came and started to tear at the ship. You reach for the ropes to get to the top of the sails. Everyone did as you did. You held on for dear life. The storm threw lighting at the ship. The ship caught on fire. The storm was pulling you away from your grip. You lost it and was about to fall to your death. But Richard caught you. The Mac said "I can't hold on any more!" Pip grabbed him so he wouldn't fall. The storm seem to get stronger by the second. Pulling the ship apart piece by piece. Then it swirled around you and you couldn't see anything. You felt Richard next to you and heard everyone but couldn't see. Then the storm died. You saw the ship was now barely able to hold all of you. You saw that it was swaying from side to side. It can't take another hit. Because if it did it would just fall apart.
  5. You all drop down cause the rope broke from the storm. The ship creaked and fell apart. You then are in the water. It was cold and you were lucky that there was a shore. You swam to the shore. Everyone was alive. Except for the captain. "Wheres the captain?" You asked. You then see the burned shirt of the captain in Mac's arms. "He's gone....." Mac said. "Who will be captain now?" Carl said. "I dunno" Taylor said. "You guys thats not the captain's shirt." Jarrad said. "How do you know?" Mac asked. "Because this is a different matterial. Feel it." Jarrad said and everyone did. He was right.
  6. You then see the captain. He came and said "Well our ship is gone and there not another in sight. No hawk. So what should we do?" "Rebuild it." Richard said. "Richard we don't know the structure of the ship. We don't know how this kingdom built it" Jarrad said. "The structure is here." Richard showed you all one of the books you picked out. It showed the ship and all the parts the structure and wood and it showed everything. Pip smiled "Richard in any sticky situation you always find a way out. What would we do with out you?" He said patting Richard's back. "Okay, but our clothes in the ship are burned and-" Mac was about to say when Richard said "Not all there is a chest on the bottom there. It has clothes. I remember opening it and there was clothes sailor's clothes. It wasn't burnt in the fire and the storm had it land right there." Richard pointed behind you and he was right the was a steel chest.
  7. You open it and see some clothes. "This will be great! The fire burned all of our clothes and here are some new ones!" The captain said. "Its like we were given a fresh start" Jarred said. "Well you see the book? Lets get to work!" Pip said. "Yeah!" Everyone yelled in agreement.
  8. For the past several months you made a little home in the island. You help bring some stuff out from the wreckage. Each day you guys fought over on how to build the ship. But the Richard made a new blue print to help you understand. You helped cut rope and you actualy found paint and it doesn't chew through wood. You and everyone wanted to build the ship to it's formor beauty before the storm and everything. You found the kingdom's colors which were blue, silver and white. Each day you all worked hard.
  9. You made food for everyone and made the place livable. Then after months of hard work you alll finally finish the ship. It look beautiful. With it's blue color and silver outlining with white poles and white ropes. The sail had a firey bird that was called a phoenix. You looked it up in th libary in the market. You look at everyone and their new uniforms.
  10. You had white pants with a blue tunic with a more suitable purple shirt. Richard had a blue shirt with silver pants and a blue shirt. Mac had a purple and silver striped shirt with silver pants. Pip had a blue shirt with pokets and silver pants. Carl had something similar to Pip but he had a purple shirt with blue pants. The captain had a big Jacket with a silver shirt with blue pants. Jarred had a blue shirt with a purple blindfold and silver pants. Taylor had silver pants and shirt with a blue shirt.
  11. You all looked at each other and stared to laugh. "Guess we finally have a uniform!" Taylor said. Then you all calm down. "Well a little speech." Jarrad said. "After all we been through we are always together and never turn on each other. We are just one big family. We strike and people fear for our strength. Our crew may be small but we know that we can do anything together!" The captain said. Everyone yelled in agreement. "What should we name her?" Jarrad said. You pull a book about the ship. You found out that this was the first of it's model. "How about we give her the name she was given in the first place." You say looking at the name. It was a beautiful name, strong, true and properious. Just like this kingdom use to be. "You found it? Whats the name?" Jarrad asked. "Her name is Seishin, or Spirit." You say. Everyone nodded. Its the perfect name.
  12. You knew it was perfect cause this small crew has spirit. Not giving up, not turning, not giving in to the bad things. You painted that on the board and had it on the back were a name would be. "Now lets sail!" Jarrad said. Everyone yelled in agreement and ran to the ship with some supplies like books and some food that was growing on trees. Then soon the Seishin was out in the water and glided across the water. You don't know if this was because of the crew building it or that it was rebuilt like the original design was. You climbed on the ropes and leaned to the side with your hand gripping the rope and your feet on the rope below it. The sun was high in the sky and the sea was opened to more challenges ahead. But you knew that she can handle it. Thats her undying spirit. Just like those who sail her. You smiled as you felt the breeze go through your hair. You then saw a hawk. It was the same one that you saw the first time. In fact there was more hawks like her. Then you looked past a rock and saw that there was the meeting of the society. The ship stops and everyone gets read to go to the meeting.
  13. Hi! Thats the end of part 4! Part 5 will be out soon!

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