Love found at sea (Part 3)

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Hi! Part 3 is here! Hope you like it! Rate and comment if you please! I don't mind if you do and I hope you have a fun time! Okay everyone I have decided to do a contest! To have a little challenge for all of you. The contest will be finding the meaning to a foriegn song from getting a sample of song lyrics.

Here are the lyrics! Itsumo hitori de aruiteta Furikaeru to minna ha tooku. I was always walking alone, when I turn around everyone was far behind. Just to fill these paragrahs I'll put random song lyrics.

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. The ships are all differnt sizes, designs and everything is just different. (Liek the pirets of the cairrbian At worlds end with all of those ships. Except the ones pilled in the middle. But how all the ships were different? Yeah imangine that) Your eyes grew wide. The ship stopped and another hawk came. But it's feathers were darker and it had big yellow eyes. It handed the captain a note and the captain said "Everyone rest until sunrise. Then it'll be time for the meeting!" Everyone nodded. You were tired so you went to sleep in the spare room that you first ended up in.
  2. You wake up and stretch your arms. Your a little sore. But before you would be extremly sore. But Pip told you that when your sore and sailor, you get to learn to go through it. You brushed your hair quickly and got a bandana. It was red with white dots. You walked out and saw that you needed to help sail the ship closer to the other ones. You did. Carl was great at steering and Richard told the crew which angle to pull the sails at. Then you were litarllary next to a ship that had round sails with a cicular deck like a big canoe.(Like those chinese ships) You help bring out the poles and get across with Jarrad's help. You need to practice your balance. You get across on one ship with all of the guys. Then you go from ship to ship. Then the 8 of you turned to about a good 20 people. You then ended up on this one big ship. The captain ordered everyone from your crew to stay here and that Richard comes. "Can I come?" You asked. Richard nodded "You gotta get the okay from the other crews for you to join." "What happens if I don't get the okay?" You asked. He looked away and said "We will not get to that point." You followed him and the captain to a really small ship. You walked inside the captain's study of the ship and saw other men. They were all captains. They were all different sizes and had different clothing. Some looked like mechants and some looked foriegn. They saw the captain and did a bunch of greets like "havn't seen you for a while". With laughs and they said to Richard "Hey theres the little second in coman!" But Richard stayed quiet with his cute intelligant hazel eyes.
  3. Then everything quieted down. A guy said "Theres a important situation at hand for us to come together." You listened a little bit more closely. "Theres a new type of ship. The ship that was once long ago lost. One of our allied shiips........." There was silence. The guy said "Its the Forte Voluit..." Some of the captain's whispered to one another and some had their eyes grow wide. "How could that be possible? The Forte Voluit sank years ago." Said a captain. Some nodded in agreement. The captain raised his hand for silence. Everyone grew quiet. "But it's not only that, the ship seems different. More diffrerent before. I don't know how to explain this matter because me and my crew saw the ship sink right before our eyes. But then we saw it miles in front of us. It attacked our previous ship. The Aliquam Quis was sunk ten years ago. Making us stranded out at sea. Right before we found the ship of ancient times from the prosperous kingdom." The captain explained. You looked at Richard and his hands that were handing down at his sides boiled up into fist. You looked at his eyes and they showed that more happened that day.
  4. Everyone grew silent when they heard the name of the previous ship. One of the captains said "We understand that you lost 3/4 of your crew and passengers that day but you may have mistaken it for another ship." The other captain said. "It was the same ship. I know." Richard whispered. They all looked at him. "That day my mother died because of it. I remember the day. There was a storm and then all of a sudden the ship appeared. I reconized it by the name and the structure of the ship. The sails, the cannon holes, the bow. I remeber how it sank the ship. I tried to get onto the ship but a gun shot from the ship itself came and shot me. Preventing me to search it more. I had the scar to prove it." Richard said and he walked closer to the captains and pulled up his shirt. And there was a scar of a bullet. He pushed his shirt down and a captain said "I'm sorry for you lost that day." Everyone nodded.
  5. He walked back to the captain's side. "So how should we deal with this matter?" A captain said. "I don't know. But I wanted to warn you all. Remember how quick, strong, and powerful that ship was." The captain said. "But now its not part of this allied society. Keep and eye out and send a hawk from ship to ship if you saw a siting." Every nodded. "There is also another matter to discuss. We have a guest who wants to join our crew." Richard said as he gestured you.
  6. "She wants to join the society huh?" Said the guy saying th anouncements. The captain nodded. "She's still learning how to be a sailor and she's getting better every day." Richard said. The captains all spoke with each other and nodded their heads. "A vote! Weather or not she should join!" A captain said. "Who wants her to join!" The captain, Richard and a couple of other captains said "Aye!" "Who doesn't want her to join. Only two captains said "Aye" "Welcome to the society!" Everyone nodded. "End o f meeting!" Then everyone left the room in the small ship and went back to their own. "Thats all?" You asked Richard as he helps you onto your own ship. He nodded. "Yup thats all." "I'm sorry about your loss." You say. "Don't worry it was 10 years ago." Then he walked away and helped start up the ship. Soon the ship was headed east. You walked to Carl to watch the view and the captain came and Carl said "Any specific route?" The captain shook his head. The day went on and you went to your daily tasks and then Taylor yelled "CLEAN THE SHIP!" Everyone moved and started to scrub the deck. You helped and when the was over you went to sleep. You thought "So life at sea is perfect. Just perfect. What could go wrong?"
  7. You spenttime learning everything that you can from all of the guys. You spent time with Richard and he was teaching you sword figting. But you would never beat him. One night you were practicing and he beat you again. You got upset and crossed your arms. He looked at you and said "Don't do a pouty face Aura." You uncrossed your arms and said "But you always beat me." "Do your stance" He said. You did. He moved your feet with his foot farther apart. "Keep your back straight and feet farther apart. Its so you can move quickly." You nodded and held your woodeden sword. "Your holding it wrong" He said. He gently moved your hand a little bit move up the wooden hilt. His hands were nice and warm. It made your heart flutter, but you tried not to blush. He stepped back and raised his wooden sword and said "Again." You found an opening left of his chest and you striked for it. You watched his sword as he rosed it to block your strike but you twirled to your right and you were back to back with his back and about to get his neck but he blocked it and said "Good" You jumped forward and twirled around to face him. He spun around to see you. You circle each other.
  8. You circled each other and fought with you wooden sticks. After a while everyone left the deck and went inside. You and Richard continued for hours. Then you were striking him again and he blocked. But you did a move theat made his sword fly to the side out of his reach and you put your tip of your wooden sword at his throat. He held his hands up. "That was great Aura" He said. You lowered your sword and he came closer to you. "You think so?" You ask. "I know so" He said. He moved hair from your face and kissed your lips passionatly. You put your arms around his neck and he put his around your waist. He held you close to him. You kissed him back and pulled away to look at him. His beautiful hazel eyes sparkled in the night. You kissed him and he kissed you. Then you stopped and he back away. "I'm sorry" He said. "No it's okay. I liked it" You say.
  9. You said good night and went to sleep with a smile not only on your face but in your heart. Weeks passed and everytime you heard Richard's voice your stomach turns to butterflies. When you see him you want to do leaps. You feel his soft warm hand and you want to get closer to him. "Is this what love is?" You thought, "Is this what its like to truly love someone?"
  10. Richard's POV: Aura is pretty cute. In her cute yellw short tunic with her big white shirt and her orange pants. She looks like a girl of the sun. Her cute blue eyes just shine in the light. Every time I see her I see a little glow of light behind her. Like angels themselves were singing behind her. She's so beautiful. Oh there she is. Her cute little red bandana with white poka dots. Its hard to belive that a guy like me works on the same ship with her.......oh she needs help with the ropes. Idiot! Stop staring stupidly at her!
  11. Your POV: You pull onto the ropes and Richard comes next to you to help. You almost blush. Together you pull and the sails moves to catch the wind. You thank Richard. He then walks away and you follow wondering what he's going to do. "Something you need?" He asked. He didn't show any emotion that much. (Like Kocobunji in chobits) Which made him look more cute. "No I'm wondering where your going." You say. "To my room on the ship. Nothing special." He said. He walks and you hear Taylor yelled "SHIP! THE FORTE VOLTUIT!" Everyone got to stations and there you saw a beautiful ship. It had super dark wood. It was big and had three rows for cannons, and it was just a beautiful ship.
  12. The latain named ship was far away. You blinked then all of a sudden it was right in front of you. You back away and said "How could it-" You were about to say but Richard tackled you to the ground and cannons fly above your head. Then Richard got up and pulled you up along. "Stay here!" He said. He climbed up and swung to the other ship. You didn't want to leave him alone so you got to the other ship. But there was no one aboard. You looked around the ship but there was no cannons. "How could it be doing this much dammage if it has no crew or weapons?" You thought. You looked at the other ship. It was beaten pretty bad. The ship could take no more hits. "The ship stared to move away but the ship disappeared and moved in front of it so it could no longer move. "What the heck?" You thought.
  13. Then the ship you were on seem to have froze. Lighting came and struck the ship. You got knocked down. You saw Richard. He picked you up and said "Come on!" You ran and got to your own ship. Just like that the "Strong willed"(English name of the ship. Forte Voluit is latain) was gone. You look around and see that the place you know is now torn.
  14. You try to help fix it but the ship is too broken to fix. You and everyone tried to move the ship. You saw a little port and said "We can go there!" Pip said "Okay." Took you forever but you got it close to the port. The port didn't have any other ships. It seemed old. The pathways was rooky. No one was there. You, Jarrad, Pip, and Richard went to the strange place while the others stayed on the boat.
  15. You walked from store to store and no one was in there. Everything was all dusty and old. "What is this place?" You asked. Richard walked around and looked at a pathway. He walked to it. For hours and hours and the place seemed awfully familar. Then you thought that you got lost. "Richard we are lost." Pip said. "I know this place for some reason. He then ran up the road and there you see a town and a beautiful castel in the middle. "The lost kingdom!" Pip exclaimed. There was a sign that had the name. "The Prosperous Kingdom" You looked around and saw that it was emptied. You walked around and everyone explored the place. You saw the castel gates. They were old and rusted. The golden bars seperated the castel from the rest of the kingdom. You went through the gate.
  16. You walked around and looked at the dead grass. You then saw where there was a tree that was still alive and had a hole near it's trunk. There was a rose garden. You walked around and looked at the dead roses. There you saw a rose that was still alive. It was small and yellow. You passed by it. You entered and saw silver colums thats were dusty with blue marble floors and white walls. there was paintings of a beautiful woman with black hair and dark green eyes. She had a silver dress. She must have been the queen. Next to her was a man with dirty blond hair and sky blue eyes. Below them was three young men. One looked like queens with black hair and green eyes. He was tall and muscular. The one below the king looked like the king. He was muscular and smiling. Between them was a young man that looked just like Richard. Your eyes grew wide. "What the-" But you saw more paintings of different king and queens. You walked and saw the throne room.
  17. You walked up the stairs that was right or the throne. There was three hallways. One on the far right had 5 doors and the middle one had 1 big door. The one on the left had 5 doors also. You walked in the left hallway and went in the first one on your left. You entered and saw a big study. It had a desk, fire place and a circle of book shelevs around you. On the ceiling was a necklace that looked like it held three gemstones and there was a lion. And the lion had it's paw on the necklace near the gemstones and a firy bird held the chain with it's claws.
  18. There was a picture of apperently of the care taker of the study. Or the one who came to it most of the time. They guy had scholor like clothes with a white shirt and brown tunic. He was sitting with a book in hand and had glasses. He looked pretty cute and like Richard. It caught his intelligant eyes, his hair and how his face was emotionless. Your eyes grew wider. There was a plack under it and it said "Prince Richard. Died at age 17." Below the words was a qote that he useually said or something. "Even the smallest things can be put together. No matter how broken." You looked around and saw the real Richard.
  19. Thats the end of part 3! Part 4 will be out soon!

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